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Taken today...12/12/18 .... 8:40pm.... larger by the day.... putting on size is finally gettin easy 🔥
Once this bulk is over chaps.... this conditioning with an extra 12 kilos compared to this photo will be hard to compete with... feelin that energy n buzz of my old training days coming back slowly... the EXCITEMENT is creepin back into my passion for the sport again!! SPRING 2019 will be my time to come back with a package I’ve never even seen before! 
Pro Card for the taking 👀
Golden Dericious.
always gotta make sure you get one of your five a day pals 😂🙄 #fruit #apple
Due to demand I’ve opened up 3 new spaces on my fatloss and muscle gain client programmes!! Results have been excellent so far with my current clients so be sure to message me or call if you have any questions, queries or interest! 
Located in Blackrock & Glenageary
Rep it out till you can’t feel pain anymore.... till you can’t feel nothin
When you catch her starin at that chest activation.....just one of those ‘need some stupid humour’ days ✌️ #chest #creepygirl#boobsfordays#comedy
120kg feelin ok on a Monday morning! Took the weekend off so body feeling recovered... Lookin forward to seeing where my strength can go over the next month or so! #mondaymotivation #benchpress
#throwback to when my future was as bright as this day 🙄 #summer
#tb to one of my favourite shots back when I was Sponsored by @outlawlaboratory a good few months ago!! Man looking back at these pics really shows how much my body has changed over the last year or two so I’m grateful that I must be doing something right 💪  #beanoutlaw
BS quotes n captions are great and all but will they help you train and develop? Fuck no... so stop reading this pals and wake up ✌️ #actionsspeaklouderthanwords
Am I alt enough yehhhtt 
Photo cred: KFC 😂
Goin to the gym is great n all but drinkin water and gettin some sun is more important as were all just plants with more complicated emotions 😂🙄😂🙄 #gym #water#wednesday