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Discovering fresh & skilled young Filipino artists to inspire a creative lifestyle 🌟
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We only have 2 slots left for @mustardworld's workshop as of today! And it's also the last week to avail of our early bird rate ⭐️
It's really nice to see the bright sun out again today 🌞
Acrylic painting by Rex Dasig Aguilar.
We always feel like we're looking at a scene from a dream every time we see @kevinroqueart's detailed pencil work. How about you? πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨
@manilaartscene talks about our community and projects on their website,
"Through their works, the community Shelved Wishes dwells into the subject of longing, passion, and β€˜what-ifs’–things prominent in this age, and in the generation that they are a part of."
Read the full feature at
Thank you so much again for this opportunity, MAS! 🌟
We still have a few slots left for @mustardworld's workshop 🐦 Sign up via the link in our bio πŸ“
How do you plan to spend the weekend? Us? By reading books, as usual πŸ“š This watercolor artwork is by @rainesarmiento. It was part of the Booklat Fundraiser exhibit held at 10-A Alabama last year πŸ“”
If you've always wanted to make artworks following the unique style of @mustardworld, then this is something that you wouldn't want to miss! Sab will be conducting her very first art workshop with us this coming August 26, at @rootskatipunan! We must point out though that slots for this class are limited to 10 students only, so don't procrastinate! 🎨
Unorthodox Art Workshop is a 3-hour class on how to create your characters with stories and illustrate them using felt tip pens with watercolor, food coloring and pens.
Our regular fee is PhP 2,700
While the early bird rate is: PhP 2,400 β€” Just make sure you register between July 22 to August 12 to avail of this discount 🐦
Ready to sign up? Head on over to: 
or just click the link in our bio 🌟
What we would like to highlight the most about our artists, are their different choices of art mediums to practice. You may not have noticed it yet, but there are no similar mediums used in our first product, which is the SW postcard set. That doesn't mean that these creative people aren't versatile, and can't execute equally beautiful works with other materials though 🎨

We'll just let this watercolor work by ~ the usually digital artist, @borgdraws, speak for us. It's called "998th", and it's included in the Game of Thrones artbook, Draw Em with the Pointy End, which was released in 2015 πŸ—‘
Make sure you regularly check back on our feed this week because we have a workshop announcement, and a special treat to those who would learn about it first! ✨
Artwork by @mustardworld 🦌
We've read from a website, which researches and writes articles about relaxation, that painting (the activity) actually has many health benefits! Included on their list are improved memory and reduced level of stress, among many others ✨
In this picture is Rex Dasig Aguilar at work in his studio 🎨
Today's art inspiration is another beautiful pencil work by @kevinroqueart πŸ–€ It was sold in this year's Art in the Park in Salcedo Village, Makati.
If only we could stay in bed this entire Sunday πŸ›Œ 
Here's a watercolor illustration of The Sleeping Beauty in the Woods by @rainesarmiento 🌹 It was exhibited at CANVAS Gallery and Garden in 2014, along with other fairytale-inspired works of Ang INK.