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Celebrating the wide variety of art style made by the #untrending yet skilled creatives of MNL 🌟
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"A Tribute to Filipino Sweets"
Final portfolio work by Lucille Tungol that we'll be sharing here. Up next, her piece for our postcard set which is coming out very soon! It's going to be a perfect holiday gift for those special ones in your ♥️s.
Portfolio work by @merilliza 🍃
Faster Than Falling - Digital
We're so excited to see her piece for our postcard set!
Portfolio work by @harrymonzon 🐇
Monk Rabbit, Watercolor
Next month, we'll be posting about our batch 2 artists' works for #ShelvedWishes postcard series 🌟 Stay tuned!
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Portfolio work by Lucille Tungol
"Sweet Ninay" - Coffee + Watercolor 💁
Another portfolio work by @sarahgeneblazo 🌿
To complete our lineup of artists for #ShelvedWishes batch 2, here's an intricate coffee and watercolor work called "Dream Weaver" by Lucille Tungol ☕️
Lucille Tungol is a visual artist based in Laguna, Philippines. A graduate of TUP Fine Arts Manila 2010 and a former member of INK ( Ilustrador ng Kabataan.) Currently, She's enjoying her time as a watercolor painter, a craft maker, and a graphic artist. She loves to play with themes relating to food, florals, nostalgia, fantasy and anything native such as indigenous textiles.
See more of her works on the web:
Ending this not so pleasant week for the country with something beautiful 🌿

Words from the artist, Sarah Geneblazo:
"My works are often narrative, a visual diary of my life. On my artwork series I associate my early version of me, when this thing happened and when I’m on this age. The time where I’m on state of jeopardy. It is an expedition of how I uncharted land is darkens by my traumatic past and the melancholy feeling of everything I feels in a certain place. The works shows the self-portrayal of my destination from misery towards the bliss of paradise. -
I usually take my subject in the place where I grow up, where I represent an imitation on what I experience in our own home in Rizal. In my painting I use nature which is visible in my home town. I call it my own analogical version of my experience, because most of my traumatic memory happened in Rizal.
My working process is I go outdoor photo shoot, random shots in any place. I’ll use my younger sister as a model on this photo shoot, because where related and have similar to my body featured. I also let my sister wear something feminine. Ill edit the photo thru Photoshop and grid it. And then paint it on the canvas. Sometime when I paint, I don't copy exactly what on the photo study, I recreate some of the images."
Sarah Geneblazo is a graduate student of UP College of Fine Arts, and a member of Neo Angono Artists Collective, her works narrates her personal experience as a sexual abuse victim; a therapeutic art process towards healing.
More of her works are viewable on these accounts:
@sarahgeneblazo here and on twitter 🌟
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Anointed With Stars - Digital
Portfolio work by Merilliza Chan / @merilliza 👩🏼‍🚀
Wishing everyone's safe and dry ⛈🌩🌧
Cotton Carabao, Watercolor
Portfolio work by @harrymonzon
Batch 1 artist, @borgdraws, will be on #MIBF this coming Sunday, Sept. 17, to sign copies of Janus Silang books 🌟 Hope you could drop by!