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Life of Imam Hassan (a.s) 
Imam al-Hassan b. Ali (a.s) was the Second Imam of the Muslims. The son of Imam Ali (a.s) and Fatimah al-Zahra (a.s) was born in the third year after the Hijrah.
Being one of the grandsons of the Prophet, the Imam held a privileged position as he’d had the opportunity to play with the Prophet as a young child.
According to narrations Imam al-Hassan bore a strikingly similar resemblance to the Holy Prophet in conduct and appearance.
Amongst the great merits of Imam al-Hassan, was that  the Holy Prophet was reported to have said that he was one of the leaders of the “Youth from the People of Paradise” (alongside his brother al-Husayn). He was also a direct beneficiary of several Qur’an verses, including the verse of Purification and the verse of Mubahala. (
Remembering the annual passing of Abu Talib (A.S.) defender of Islam and father of Imam Ali (A.S.)
Specimens Of The Kindnesses And Love Of Abu Talib father of Imam Ali (A.S.)
Specimens of mutual love and kindness of different persons have been recorded in the pages of history. Usually, however, they are based on material and formal considerations and move round the pivot of wealth and beauty and the flame of love quenches within their selves in a very short time and is extirpated. However, the sentiments which are based on ties of kinship or faith in the spiritual excellence of the loved one do not peter out so soon.

It so happened that the love of Abu Talib for the Prophet was based on both these considerations, that is he believed in him and considered him a perfect man and a unique specimen of humanity, and he was also his nephew (real brother's son) whom he gave the position of brother and son in his heart.

Abu Talib believed so much in his spirituality and purity that at the time of drought he took him to musallah (the prayer carpet) with himself and invoked Allah in the name of his proximity to Him and requested for rains for the afflicted people, and his prayer was granted by the Almighty. Many historians have quoted the following incident:

Once Quraysh were faced with a terrible drought and the earth and the heavens withheld their blessings from them. They came to Abu Talib with tears in their eyes and requested him earnestly to go to musallah and pray to Allah for rains. Abu Talib held the hand of the Prophet, who was then a young boy, and leaned on the wall of the Ka'bah and raising his head towards the sky, said: "O Lord! Send rains for the sake of this young boy (pointing towards the Prophet) and favour us with your unlimited blessings". The historians write unanimously: "He prayed to Allah for rains when there was not a single patch of cloud on the sky, but a cloud then appeared immediately from the horizon. A part of the cloud spread in the sky above Makkah and the places round it. Thunder and lightening created great noise. All the places were flooded with water and everyone was happy.(
The entire Qur’an was revealed to the Prophet of Islam in the holiest night of the holiest month of Ramadhan; the month of fasting.
“The month of Ramadhan in which the Qur’an is revealed.” 2:185
“Indeed, We revealed it (the entire Qur’an) in the night of Measure.” 97:1
According to many Hadiths, the Torah was revealed to Moses on the 6th of Ramadhan, Injil was revealed to Jesus on the 12th of Ramadhan, Psalms of David revealed to him on the 18th of Ramadhan and the Holy Qur’an in the Night of Qadr (most probably 23rd of Ramadhan).(