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❂ C r y s t a l j e w e l l e r y ❂
☄Inspired by Earth's Treasures☄
•Eco-Friendly & Vegan•

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You can now check out and shop our collection at the @artscouncilwindsor 🎉
Happy Saturday!🐣🌈
Feeling the new wave of creation this week🌑☄
Black Lace Agate😍

This interesting looking agate is great for:
☄Inner Stability
Black Agate Pendant☄

Great for inner strength, grounding and is very protective☄How beautiful😍😍
☄Clear Quartz Shield Pendant with Garnet☄
Crystal collection goals😍☄
Amethyst & succulents 😍🌵
☄New round Rose Quartz☄
to keep you surrounded by love💕 Look at that sparkle!!😍☄
You're all a bunch of badass babes😎☄✌
Blue agate pendants will always be one of my favs!!❤☄