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আমি যে তোমার, শুধু যে তোমার

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2 jaans in 1 picture. ❤️ #bff
Khaapa session ft bff @abdullah_shahidd
Look at this joint i rolled for my friend with home grown weed. Woh tun hua wa hai is waqt xD this is the first i ever rolled dont judge. Btw no i dont smoke.
Just made some gluten free  bean flour spaghetti with tomato and basil sauce. Kaaashhh mere pas taaza tulsi hoti is waqt tou yeh shimla mirch na rkhni prti ❤️😂😋 #foodporn #spaghetti #basil #tomatoes #italian #glutenfree #beanflourspaghetti
My darling #purlinathegreat belly dancing the night away on the shores of the river dajla by the Pyramids under the star spangled sky. Ignore the untidiness please i did it all using a size three brush. #shirinsnailart
Pŵ¡Nč3ś$ 0v P¡nD¡. 👑😂 On a side note chaar saal main duniya kahan se kahan nikal gayi lekin kuch esay vellay log hain keh woh humein zehan se nikal nahi paye 😂😂😂 (jis kay liyey yeh baat ki hai usko smjh ajaye gi)
Nail art after a looooong time. Did this to go with the shirt that my jaan picked for me so thoughtfully.
❤️💅🏽🌺 @reeenmeme_  thank you jaan.  #ombrenails #freehandnailart #shirinsnailart #springnails
چوہدری گلاب عرف گابوُ 
चोदहरी गुलाब उुरफ़ गाबू . 🌹🌹🌹 .
Mera gaabu ❤️❤️❤️
Aray logo tumhara kya, main jaanun mera khuda janay...💫.
. ft dungi tunni and 69 others
Slaying with bae. Top sent by @shopvilla.pk
Sharab party.