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Bee came to my home studio in Hong Kong for a portrait shoot (I'm now also based in NYC). She is a vet nurse and professional pet-sitter by day, and I think she should be model by night. I am so glad she brought her red wedding gown for a glam-the-dress session because her images are breathtakingly gorgeous! More images from Bee's session is up on this week's blog // Hair & Makeup by the wonderful @karmomakeup
This week, I photographed my last portrait session in Hong Kong before heading to New York City! Bee brought in her gorgeous red Chinese wedding dress and we glammed it up with a beautiful 1950's hairstyle and makeup. The images from this shoot are amazing and I cannot wait to share them! // Hair & Makeup by the fabulous @karmomakeup
Happy new year from Hong Kong! 2016 has been incredible. I have the most amazing clients who allow me to have the best job in the world. I'll start splitting my time between NYC & HK in 2017 and can't wait to see what adventures await this new year!
I'm editing images from yesterday's portrait session and they are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you to my amazing team for making everything so easy! I love my job!
One day, your children will look for photographs of you. What will they find?

In between festive eating and editing, I wanted to hop on to wish you a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones! While we're reunited with our loved ones during this festive season, remember to take this opportunity and take some photographs, print them, and frame them so you can look back on this time years from now. 
On the blog ( this week, here's a look at Anne & John's portrait session celebrating their 40 years of marriage! // Hair & Makeup by @karmomakeup
Behind-the-scene of today's photoshoot with the beautiful Kamilla. Today's weather is just perfect for our outdoor shoot around Sai Ying Poon. Hair and makeup by the fabulous @karmomakeup
Self-portrait is not the easiest thing to do when you can't direct yourself through the lens. It's hard work being in front of my lens, I know! I've put myself thru it this week! So, it has been over a year since my last portrait. I am a year older, a little bit wiser, a little bruised up, a bit more confident with age, and a lot more grateful having seen this beautiful world after trekking around the globe for 12 months. Yes, I've gained a few more wrinkles but I have also learned to love myself and celebrate life just the way things are. And this photograph is a reminder of that. Nobody is perfect. Will you join me in celebrating yourself and all you've accomplished today? #existinphotos
I'm super excited to be photographing my parents today! They have not been photographed professionally since their wedding almost four decades ago and I'm so happy be to able to gift that to them. It makes my heart happy to know that our family will have printed portraits of them to enjoy for generations to come. When was the last time you were professionally photographed? #existinphotos
Trying to edit images of the photoshoot and Jamie plops himself down on my hand. Umm, buddy, kinda need my hand back to do work!
Getting ready for Anne's 40th wedding anniversary portraits today! Anne is an educator here in Hong Kong, where she's lived for the past 14 years. I cannot wait to show her beautiful portraits that she can take home to New Zealand over the holidays! I'm so honored to be photographing her and her husband today, professionally for their very first time! #existinphotos // Hair & makeup by @karmomakeup
Kelly is a teacher in NYC. We traveled the world together for 8 months and I had the opportunity to photograph her when we were in Colombia. She is beautiful inside and out. I can see her beautiful soul through this image! // Hair & makeup by @najafees
I absolutely love shooting on location here in Hong Kong and using this amazing city as my backdrop! This was shot in Sai Ying Pun - an up and coming area on HK Island. What's your favorite neighborhood in HK? 💄 Hair & makeup by the fabulous @karmomakeup