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One woman show. London. This is how I feel. Contact for collabs/custom enquires.

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This is Scout - you can see more of him, me and all my creative exploits at my regular account @eyeseaewe - running Loose Lips as a separate entity is not really working for me so as of October 1st, this account will no longer be in use. If you wanna keep up to date with all the things I make then please, follow @eyeseaewe cheers =]
Come the 1st of October I am closing @shoplooselips and moving everything to my personal account @eyeseaewe. I have realised there doesn't have to be a divide between my creative outlets. Everything is an expression of self, whether it's in oils or on a pair of shoes. Talking of shoes, if you'd like to see what I have in store for these cute @vagabondshoemakers boots then go follow @eyeseaewe.
You can find all the thrift and vintage finds I don't cover in paint in my Depop store! Username is @eyeseaewe like my regular insta. I will be closing down this account as posting as a business isn't working for me. It feels to far removed from me as a person, like I'm trying to project a persona rather than letting you in on my work and my process. If you want keep up with my creations and see what the store overhaul is going to look like then follow @eyeseaewe
If you'd like to see how this trench coat turns out, be sure to follow my regular account @eyeseaewe - I'm consolidating accounts as trying to operate as a 'business' isn't working for me. It's just me in a flat, hustling left, right and centre, trying to figure shit out, make it work and maybe make some money in the process... besides, our puppy arrives tomorrow so it's probably worth a follow just for all the inevitable pupper picos xxx
Hey Folks, I'm going to be consolidating my accounts. Running a separate 'business' instagram isn't working for me. I don't really see myself as a business but more the things I make are more just an extension of me. I worry and second guess a lotta shit when I'm posting it as a 'business' and it feels false as fuck. It's just me, plodding along making shit and working stuff out. If you'd like to continue to see the things I make and do, as well as get to know me a bit better in the process, please give my regular account a follow @eyeseaewe. Cheers x
Spent the day photographing every item of stock that I could squeeze my butt into - updates coming soon ❤️
Finished #custom Iggy Pop #sewonpatch - if you'd like to commission a patch, just drop me a line #diy #denim #leather #handpainted #patchgame #punk #iggypop #iggyandthestooges
Today brings a #custom Iggy Pop #sewonpatch
All wrapped up and ready to go
Custom order soon to be shipped out 💖
Packing orders 💖
Made myself a cheeky harness before I left for my holiday and have received a lot of compliments on it - maybe I should start prototyping more of this shit for the store? Thoughts?