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One woman show. London. This is how I feel. Contact for collabs/custom enquires.

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Spent the day photographing every item of stock that I could squeeze my butt into - updates coming soon ❤️
Finished #custom Iggy Pop #sewonpatch - if you'd like to commission a patch, just drop me a line #diy #denim #leather #handpainted #patchgame #punk #iggypop #iggyandthestooges
Today brings a #custom Iggy Pop #sewonpatch
All wrapped up and ready to go
Custom order soon to be shipped out 💖
Packing orders 💖
Made myself a cheeky harness before I left for my holiday and have received a lot of compliments on it - maybe I should start prototyping more of this shit for the store? Thoughts?
Yay! @thelisabelle received the patches I made for our trade 💖 if you'd like a custom sew on patch, just drop me a line xo
Taking a moment to appreciate and celebrate my friend @tophatsnaps as his first feature film is gonna be on the tele! 4:00am will screen at 1am on the 11/05/2017 if you can't watch it live, please set it to record. Support an indie filmmaker and his dream by giving it a watch and/or spreading the word. See his account for more deets x
I know I've been tres quiet of late. What with my 100dayproject and honing skills to fulfil commissions I haven't had much time to or stuff I can share (yet). Hopefully that'll change next week as I'm heading to Toronto for the Toronto Comic Arts Festival. Dabbling in some leather craft before my trip as a break from other pieces.
If you like arts/paintings/oils/seeing someone muck about and fail a lot, I'm participating in #the100dayproject over on my regular account @eyeseaewe under the theme #100daysofpressurefreepainting - all hints/tips/mocking welcome x
Progress on my art trade with @thelisabelle 💖 be sure to drop me a line if you'd like a custom sew on patch