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Inspiring people to live a more meaningful and happy life 🌱
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CHILL PILLS Take one. Spread the love. Feel the chill. Embrace the calm. Welcome the mindfulness. ☁️
This is definitely on our bucket list! ✔️Would you do it? 🎈 📷: @helloemilie
Escape to paradise in a feather haven.  From stunning teals, subtle neutrals and gorgeous canary hues, this one is perfect for your everyday wardrobe. 💛#shortstoryhome
Our Large Hourglass is timed at 30minutes. So take that 30 minutes and spend it on you! What would you do with 30 minutes of you time?
Thank you @theimagetakers for a beautiful surprise! ☺️🙌🏼❤ #Repost @theimagetakers with @get_repost
HAPPY MONDAY.  Quite honestly the best gift idea around - a bottle of 'Happy Pills'. Sure, you mightn't be able to eat them but you can pull the capsule apart to see the happiest (and cutest) little note you ever did read. 🙌 
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[Chinese Lantern] The first Lantern was bright to light by the traditional Chinese Buddhist. The Buddhists used the light to worship Buddha at the beginning of the new Chinese year. The lanterns (usually red, to refer good luck) were released into the air as a symbol of letting go of their old self and embracing their new self for the coming year. 📷: @marionmyer 🇨🇳 🎎#shortstoryhome #chineselanterns
Make the most of what you have, because someone out there is dreaming of that thing you take for granted 💭
When the roots are deep, their is no reason to fear the wind 🍃 📷: @helloemilie
How cute are these little packs from @thesimplegesture 😍😱 featuring our Bath Blends Tea Bags 🌼🌷🍃
Our Handmade Origami Artwork suits any decor style!  #shortstoryhome #decorinspo #home #interiordesign #origamiart #melbourneart
LAST DAY Folks! 🌿#shortstoryhome Sale Ends tonight 11:59pm AEST !!!
Individually hand-wrapped with the highest quality Japanese paper. The vibrant hues are beautiful in the daylight and transform your room into an ambient space at night. 🌙 #shortstoryhome #paperlamps