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The Third GBM... just like the past two but better. We will have all the good stuff you all like, so please join us and forget about midterms for a while
Have you had the chance to participate in Logan Outreach?  Follows us on Facebook and Twitter to find out about upcoming events and more volunteer opportunities!
Get your passports ready! Join us for a journey across the border into Tijuana, Mexico. You can impact the life of an orphan in Tijuana by showcasing the many engineering activities we have planned. With your help, we can continue going out to Tijuana for many years to come and keep impacting hundreds of children who may not see a reason in a higher education. If changing someone's life sounds like something you're looking for then sign-up to volunteer on the link below. FYI: Volunteers will go out for tacos after the event so get your TJ Tacos filling with the SHPE familia. 
Are you tired of college? Then go back to high school! If you want to get high school students interested in engineering then volunteer for the Noche de Ciencias event occurring at our junior chapter. This event will take place on Wednesday November 14th from 5:30-7:30 P.M at Hilltop High School in Chula Vista. You do not have to worry about getting there as I will be coordinating rides. If you are interested then follow the link below and fill out the google form.…/1FAIpQLSfEGMNQ7WZR_vNf0e…/viewform
Wow what a great turn out for our second GBM!!! Thank you all for coming and stay tuned for upcoming events!
Lockheed Martin will be talking about their Orion Project - the FIRST human rated deep space vehicle capable of reaching Mars - as well as opportunities within the company. Bring resumes just in case, and make sure to RSVP here:
People say sequels are never as good as the originals... that will not be the case for SHPE's Second GBM: Meet the Board!
In this GBM you will have a chance to meet all of us who run SHPE and get to know what is coming this quarter! (Also free food: Pizookies and more...)
The following message is rated F, for freshmen...
We are excited to announce that the Freshmen Committee will hold its first meeting this Monday at 7:00 pm at Raza Resource Centro.
It is a great opportunity to become  more involved in SHPE and be part of our familia!
Thank you everyone for coming to our first GBM! We hope you all had a great time and see you again soon!
Great opportunity alert: UC Berkeley's Master of Engineering Program. Be there and learn everything about their projects, admission criteria and more!
Interested in being a good person and helping others? Well Logan Outreach is a great opportunity. Join us in teaching and promoting Engineering to the future generations! 
Sign-up HERE!!!
Join us on our first GBM of the year! Become a member of the SHPE familia.