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Thank you to everyone who came out to the MentorSHPE Ice Skating Social last night. All the members had a great time on the ice. Some fell down but they got right back up every time. Stay tuned for more socials coming up in the near future. #friendshpe #shpefamilia #iceskating #socials #mentorshpemonday
A huge shout out to all the volunteers that went with us to Tijuana to spread the word about STEM. Thank you for taking time out of your Veterans day three-day weekend to engage the kids in some cool activities. Stay tuned for the next TJ outreach trip.
I would like to thank everyone that came out to the GBM last night. We had a great presentation from our speakers on academic development. Big thanks to our former SHPE UCSD president Jose Ramirez. Also, big thanks to Nancy Ronquillo for presenting at our GBM. Lastly, I want to thank everyone who came to Meet the Board at BJ’s, we hope everyone had fun and enjoyed their time with the SHPE familia! #shpeislife #shpefamilia #gbm #meettheboard #academicdevelopment #shpetinas
Come join us for our 3rd GBM of the school year, this Thursday November 9th at the Fung Auditorium in the Bioengineering Hall. This week we will have a UCSD ECE alumni as our speaker, former SHPE UCSD president 16'-17', from General Atomics. We will also have another speaker talk about graduate workshops and upcoming events for this year. We look forward to seeing you there! #GBM #academicdevelopment #generalatomics #freefood
Learn how to put your best foot forward at Facebook's Crush Your Coding Interview Workshop today at 6:30 in the Qualcomm Conference Room, co-hosted by SHPE, and NSBE. This presentation will focus on how to do well in software engineering interviews. It will cover how to walk through an algorithm problem, how to brainstorm solutions, how to discuss the problem with your interviewer, and how to write (and test) code on a whiteboard.

Open to all UCSD students who are preparing for coding interviews :) There will be food! 
Resume drop optional at the end.
Join us for the 2nd annual Qualcomm-LatinQ and SHPE HackJuntos Hackathon! Registration is still open! Register at:
Just wanted to remind everyone who signed up for PEI that tomorrow we are having a PEI prep at 6:30 in the Qualcomm Conference Room. Also, we need volunteers to help out with PEI the day of the event. If you are interested in volunteering here is the link for the volunteer form:
Happy Monday everyone! Here is a look at some of the events we have going on this week. Make sure to come out to our GBM this week if you need to build your resume. Have a good week tritons :)
Come join us for our 2nd GBM of the school year, this Thursday October 26th at the John Muir Room in the 2nd Floor of Price Center next to Ballroom East. This week will have an engineer from SDG&E talking about cyber security and other internship opportunities. Also, we will be having a resume workshop during the GBM for those of you who need some help building up your resume for those internships! We look forward to seeing you there!
Here’s a look at today’s Barrio Logan outreach event. The kids really enjoyed the egg 🥚 drop activity. They did a great job and all the eggs survived the drop. Thanks again to those volunteers who took time out of their busy schedules to give back to our community. We will have another Logan outreach event in the near future! #futureengineers #stemawareness #youngminds #kidsweresupercreative #noeggswereharmedinthemakingofthisphoto #shpe #loganoutreach #barriologan #gottateachthemwhiletheyreyoung #changinglives #empoweringcommunities #impactingtheworld
Happy Friday Jr. everyone! Just wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow is our first Barrio Logan Elementary Outreach event of the school year. It will be from 11:45am to 2:00pm. This is a great opportunity to volunteer and give back to our community. The kids are wonderful and it’s a great feeling engaging the future engineers of tomorrow with fun STEM activities! Please fill out the google form if you are going so we can have a head count for rides. Here is the link for the google form:
This Saturday SHPE is partnering up with SWE, NSBE, WiC, and oSTEM for a social event at La Jolla Shores. This will be a great opportunity for all members to get to know the other engineering diversity orgs on campus. Make sure to come meet your fellow engineering students this Saturday night! #beach #engineering #social #shpe #swe #nsbe #wic #ostem