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Hey my dudes! We are taking a break this summer to record and let @drumanremains prepare for his new baby 🍼 
We can’t wait to share all the fun new thangs with you! Our next show is on August 3rd with @ginachavez and @thewindthewave at @antonesnightclub 
Check out our ONLINE STORE if you couldn’t make it to our vinyl release. ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️luvs you 📷// @seanson28
In case you weren’t aware...
*frost yourselves* in select shy beast lux items (name the movie that the line *frost yourselves* is from...)
Are you wondering when you’ll be able to catch your favorite neighborhood beasties in action next? Well this poster should fill you in. Aug 3rd with @ginachavez and @thewindthewave at @antonesnightclub
Here’s a shot from one of our rare underwater sets
📷// @seanson28
We found some land boats 💕 @dosseytx 
Caught the end of @tomarandthefcs set yesterday at @lagofesttexas
Lord of the fance-y?
Thankyou to all the cool cats 🐈 who came out to @nativehostel last night for our little shindig!
You know who you are...and you know that I’m coming for you. There is no escape.
📷// @littlehshoots
2  T H I N G S :
1-This pic looks like one of those moments when the artist asks everyone on one side of the crowd to do some sort of call and response thing. “I need everyone up in the balcony to repeat after me!!” Haha...balcony...
2- 💩 We are going to be playing our vinyl at @nativehostel This Wednesday at 7pm, followed by a short unplugged set. There also has been some whisperings of a mural unveiling??? Also, cocktails on a Wednesday? Yes ma’am 
Anyhoo, would love to see some friends or future friends there. Laterzzzzz
3-I know I just said 2 things, but I should add that we are playing zero shows this summer because the shy beast lineage just got passed down to two new little twins 👯. Our next show is in August. If you want to come hang with us bc you love us so much, come say hi this Wednesday. 📷// @helainebach
📷// @helainebach
Tonight ❤️ we play at 11
Our vinyl “SHY ‘TIL YOU DIE” is available at @waterloorecords as of yesterday, but if you want MORE, come to our release show tomorrow night at @antonesnightclub !!
Event link in bio 📷// @littlehshoots
T H I S  S A T U R D A Y 
Ticket link in bio
📷// @helainebach
Yosemite is very awesome 🏔 
Now that I’ve gotten all jacked up on mother nursher, it’s time to transfer all that raw energy into pure unadulterated musical euphoria. DO YOU DIG ME!? Come hi-five us this Saturday at @antonesnightclub and buy our record. @kutx will presenting the shenanigan, and we’ll be joined by the infamous @otisthedestroyer & @drjoemusic 🤘
We’ll also be hangin and playin at @waterloorecords this Thursday from 5-6pm. Come get it 💕