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some women fear the fire, some women become it.

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I made my sister, my bestfriend and my cousin go to JB with me because I wanted to watch Zamaera 😂 but I’m sure they had as much fun as I did because the mosh pit & the line up for that night was wild. We saw Z (can I just call her my gf already?), Hujan, Sonaone & Joe Flizzow along many other amazing acts. I think I’ve fangirl-ed enough for everyone to know what happened at the gig 😂 also same videos uploaded almost everywhere because I was shouting too much in the other videos hahaha. Anyway, 9 days of play has come to an end for me! 😩😩 No more igstory spams for the next few days y’all (I am so sorry ok, I get excited very easily.)
Rest, Relax and Rejuvenate. Throughout the entire 6 days, I played, I laughed, and I had fun. Experiencing all the beautiful things and going to all the beautiful places I realized one thing: that there’s more to life than one person. Therefore I shall always be brave and believe that no matter what happens, I’ll make it through anyway. Thank you Hong Kong. Till next time!
Day 6: of cold weather, damn good halal dumplings, and my first pair of self-bought Nike trainers (I’ve been a spoiled brat, I know.) I will definitely miss good hair days and traveling so far just for good food when I get home. Time please slow down 😭
I took three rollercoasters throughout this whole trip & I have never felt more accomplished than this.
“Go where you feel most alive.”
All I know is that I covered more than 10,000 steps today.
My first purchase of the trip: Mickey Ears!! Because hashtag priorities. 😅 also, apologies for the igstory spams because sis very excited 🤪
My body decided to fail on me on the very day I decided to take a break. But hello Hong Kong, let’s have fun still!
“Found a purpose in my path, ain’t never been this present. 
Had to learn the hard way the negatives are just blessings.
Make the same mistakes till you turn it to a lesson,
Put a mic and pen and paper tell me that is not a weapon
And I’m gone.”
“J'en ai rien à foutre de ton avis, j'suis seul aux commandes.”
you weren’t born to just pay bills & die.