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Hi my name is Deb from Silentcrazystars! Please check my site at Facebook. Enjoy!

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So colorful... Makes me happy!!
Merry Christmas🌲🎅🌲
Silentcrazystars will be open very soon🌟🌟🌟🌟
"True to the Red, White & Blue"❤❤
Did you know that Spunky drools? 😃😃
My boy♡
Hello everyone!  Hope all is good with you and hope 2017 treats you well!♡ Stay warm!
Embroidery on Namaste...
Chinese New Year!  I hung it on my ceiling and hope to get lots of lucks!
19 years old 1979 and now 2017♡
Day time in craft room ☆
☆ Part of night in my craft room.  I put dragonfly lights on.