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Modern metal with melodic influences combining Heavy and Thrash Metal guts with intense vocal melodies.

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@Sabrina Todt launched her own artist page! Check it out! 
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SF#4: During the recordings, Sander tried to make a cool photo with Renato to celebrate the end of the album production. He failed! Renato is simply unable to look cool in pictures. 
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Are you in Hamburg area? This Friday Silent Saga will be playing with a bunch of great bands at Emergenza Festival at LOGO! You can get tickets at the gate or with us, just send us a PM or an email to
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SF #3: The first scratch of most of the songs from RISE was written on Piano by Renato Angelo.
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It's getting ready! Rise, the first long play from Silent Saga is about to be released in a few weeks! And to prepare you for that, we're going to share a few funny and interesting facts about the making off of it. And here is the first: 
Silent Fact #1: When Renato and Sabrina traveled from Germany to Holland (without a GPS), they were counting with their German to solve any Dutch language issues.... of course, it didn't work well. When they entered Holland they couldn't understand a thing on the driveway. So they stop along the way to ask for information but, no English, no German... Hands! That was the only communication set of skills they could use. 
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Let me just start with a big THANK YOU!  We did it! We reached our goal on our Kickstarter campaign! Yeah!!! So, as you can imagine, we've already dived into work to make it happen, and today I want to present you, first hand, the cover art of the album! Check it out and let us know what you think of it!
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We have been working in something behind the scenes and now we want you with us on this. This Thursday all will be revealed! Save the date and stay tuned!
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One week to go! You can see Silent Saga live next week at the Pooca Bar in Hamburg!  #silentsaga #metal #live
We have 3 winners on the polls for each EP: Ball Of Vanities, Immortal and The Path. So now we want to know... Which one is the best song of all released so far?
Click on the link and let's see who is gonna be the winner!
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Did someone say "Physical Album"? Stay tuned for more soon! :) #silentsaga #cd #modernmetal
Do you enjoy watching bands play live, or prefer to listen to albums? We found out that the largest concert ever performed was Jean Michel Jarrテゥ's concert in Russia back in 1997, with an attendance of 3.5 Million People! The largest METAL concert ever was also in Moscow in 1991, from Metallica, Pantera and AC/DC at the Monsters of Rock Festival. The estimated audience was as big as 1.6 Million! 
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Which bands would you like to see Silent Saga playing with? Leave your suggestion in the comments! #silentsaga #ontheroad #concert #metal #band