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Writer, traveler, NTP. I also have the happiest & dumbest GSD in existence.

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Girls and horses go together like wine and cheese, biscuits and gravy, bacon and eggs, Filipinos and their rice....you get the picture.
#FBF to these clouds 💛
Really missing my sister today
#sad #comeback #missyou #sisters
The old animal always thought Pepper was the worst.
[@g3in1 repost]
Good vibes 💛
Throwback to Colorado 🐶
One year ago today, I wrote this unusually positive-leaning piece.
I had completely forgotten about it and stumbled across it just last night.
I'm glad I found it. It speaks of a really positive time - one that I'll never get back.
This will always be my little time capsule.
The hurr is coming BACK.
This was for someone
Who was often sad
Beyond the point of sadness
So often 
They lived without the sun
And that made me sad
What if I said
The devil made me do it?
Always looking guilty. 👀
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