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Traveler, writer, therapist. I also have the dumbest German Shepherd in existence.

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I don't even know. At least the hair looks good.
Thanks @danannpatrickhairstylist for cutting my awkward grown out pixie perfectly so that it can grow into longer lengths without any more major awkwardness. 🖤
Pretty pretty girl 💕
I'm welcoming the Friday night summer break by snuggling down and catching my breath again. 😨
Water: 1
Pepper: 0
Oh hey ATX.
Good hair day. Good face day.
Ditched the vanity products for face. Put it in my hair instead.

#nomakeup #nothanks
I don't always take Pepper to beer gardens, but when I do, she hides under the table and makes derpy faces.
A year ago, I was kissing my favorite horse's face and sloshing through mud.
Life has changed a lot since then.
Pepper usually doesn't like little dogs. When I first got her, she almost ate two yappy snots. She loves Arthur though 💕
I haven't read for fun in forever. College really drained the love out of me, though it was years ago. 🙄

#fbf. I need my side chick to come back so we can run around our favorite city again and get yelled at by middle eastern men for ignoring them.