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Traveler, writer, therapist. I also have the happiest & dumbest GSD in existence.

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If only I could always wake up with hair like this. 😴
There we were, hanging out on the sea wall, trying to dry off and get a good photo of everyone. I really tried, but Pepper just had to make a constipated face and ruin everything.
We'll probably never be this photogenic again. Ever. 
She stood behind the fan for a solid 60 seconds, looking at me with her googly eyes like *I* was the stupid one for telling her to walk past it.
Does anyone else find New Girl a total train wreck that you just can't look away from?
I don't even know. At least the hair looks good.
Thanks @danannpatrickhairstylist for cutting my awkward grown out pixie perfectly so that it can grow into longer lengths without any more major awkwardness. 🖤
Pretty pretty girl 💕
I'm welcoming the Friday night summer break by snuggling down and catching my breath again. 😨
Water: 1
Pepper: 0
Oh hey ATX.
Good hair day. Good face day.
Ditched the vanity products for face. Put it in my hair instead.

#nomakeup #nothanks