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I write and document my travels, words, life and dog in photos. I also hate Mondays.

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Sometimes she looks really slinky and awkward.

#tbt to when I had weird hair and Wendy made me wear a daisy chain.
Pepper likes to roll all over my bed and pepper it with her fur. 😐😑
There's a moment I remember
I'd rather be there
And not here
Not today
Or tomorrow
Can you take me back?

Bitching about how much the city sucks
Contemplating birthdays
With my favorite blondie
(Who's not my sister)

The old animal did not like his bubble being invaded. Neither did I. This was the day it started to change.

However, I was at the start of my life, and he was nearing the end of his.

Her one birthday not too many moons ago was spent with me on the California coast where we drank champagne and chilled wine and I laughed at her lightweight self. This birthday, she's too far away. 
Rude. 😑

Loves you.
Growing the hurr out and contemplating fitness goals over at @real_food_nutrition AND getting that mirror selfie down because apparently that's been a thing for awhile now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
That's all. 💩
*White sage and wine vibes.*
Thinking about the next written piece to pull out.
Problem is, I'm not sure I like any of them yet. Sometimes I dislike my own work so much I have to leave it and forget about it. Eventually, sometimes, it ages and gets better. Like wine. 🍷
She collected all the toys and was so proud.