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Traveler, writer, therapist. I also have the dumbest German Shepherd in existence.

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A year ago, I was kissing my favorite horse's face and sloshing through mud.
Life has changed a lot since then.
Pepper usually doesn't like little dogs. When I first got her, she almost ate two yappy snots. She loves Arthur though 💕
I haven't read for fun in forever. College really drained the love out of me, though it was years ago. 🙄

#fbf. I need my side chick to come back so we can run around our favorite city again and get yelled at by middle eastern men for ignoring them.
First impromptu San Antonio trip with my best friend just as we were becoming best friends.
P.S. Riding in high winds for hours will make breathing very painful at the end of the day.
A year ago, I almost left the Special Education world behind entirely. Some days I still consider it. Little gifts like this make me grateful that I didn't.

That's Pepper. All of that black and grey stuff is Pepper's fur.
But you...
Up for storage on #simplypixie
It was as if the sky fell
And landed on you

And sometimes
If I convinced myself hard enough
I believed 
I could almost reach you
Going up for storage soon on #simplypixie
Sometimes she looks really slinky and awkward.

#tbt to when I had weird hair and Wendy made me wear a daisy chain.
Pepper likes to roll all over my bed and pepper it with her fur. 😐😑