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Finding the fabuleuse in every day with glamour & candour✨
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Not doing the #2009vs2019challenge because as much as I love seeing everyone's glow-ups, 2009 Sinéad is a mere shadow of the person I've become today ✨#thankunext #OutfitsDuJour
Between the black and gold details + Hamilton in the background, this is a very 'me' photo x #fabuleuseinlondon
#TheFridayFabuleuse ☆ 11thJanuary2019
[things to be thankful for this week]

that "yes, being alive right now is filled with so much possibility!!" feeling after attending @joltldn's #futureprooffestival 💘 when someone drops a completely unexpected yet wholly perfect reference to Britney's Toxic 💘 sirracha on everything 💘 wearing outfits that make you feel nothing short of the best version of yourself 💘 finding a shiny vinyl hat in the Topshop sale that reminds me of the 90s golden age of the Supermodel 💘 getting off the tube one stop early to walk instead and seeing the sights i'd usually miss💘
I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW...whatever having it 'together' looks like to you - its an ongoing thing. You're always going to be figuring it out, experimenting with the best way to nurture yourself, finding new ways to learn, discovering what kind of environments you thrive in. No one's given a handbook - we're all just tryna work it out ✨ #fabuleusedujour
I tried, I really did to walk away from this shirt but honestly? It may as well have had "made for Sinéad Danielle Khan" embroidered on the label 🤷🏻‍♀️
Taking it one step at a time in the finest footwear I can find 😌👠 (but not these because they weren't my size 😔)
First edition of #TheFridayFabuleuse for 2019🏁 feelgood things to be thankful for this week & always • 
Taking time to recharge over the holidays ⭐ taking time to CELEBRATE 2018 and get excited about 2019 ⭐ knowing there's food in the fridge ⭐ dancing to ABBA with my mum @suzettestylejourneys ⭐ discovering new ABBA songs ⭐ and of course, the above photoshoot with these glorious humans ♥️
Day 3/365 and someone is clearly already feeling 2019. The kind of energy I'm tryna channel tbh ✨ #fabuleuseinlondon
And finally I had realised, that the best part of being human is other humans ✨

Solitude used to be my comfort zone, sometimes it still is. But god DAMN, when you find people who feel like sunshine it's like someone turns the dial and the world is in technicolour.
Happy twenny-fine-teen 🎉✨ #OutfitsDuJour
When you visualise you materialise ✨✨✨ magical things happen with you get detailed and clear af about your dreams ⭐
What are you ALREADY doing that you can just do more of in 2019?

As we approach a New Year, there's so much talk of adding and removing things; habits, hobbies, fitness regimes and more. But lets not forget the work we've already done in 2018!

I was overjoyed to see how many of you responded to my end of year reflection questions last week, so here's another little challenge for you all: what's something that's served you in 2018 that you can focus on taking forward into 2019? For example, this year I really cut down on buying clothes, which is something I'd like to keep up in the new year. 
Have a think and drop yours in the comments below!👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 #fabuleusedujour