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Me at tryouts for the football team at school x
Not a fan of letting my happiness be dictated by things I have zero control over (i.e. the weather), but these constant grey clouds in the United Queendom are making it reeeeally hard. Gotta try and look for the rays of sunshine in other places ☀️ #fabuleuseindubrovnik
Just breathe it in ✨
What does it mean to show up as a "good friend"? Being comfortable with your own company is one thing, but the fact is humans weren't made to be islands. We're literally wired to thrive off connection with each other 👥

I'm joined by my hun @lilysophiab in my latest podcast episode to discuss just this, PLUS:
💖 friendships in your 20s
💖 being romantic af with your friends
💖 the importance of cultivating a support network 💖 how a gratitude practice has helped us find the fabuleuse in the every day together ✨ 
Links in bio, would love to hear your thoughts! 💖😘
In the mood to put on this dress and dance on a beach or something💃🏽👠
Took myself on a solo date where I finished the last few chapters of this sat in the manicured gardens of Kensington Palace, which felt like a fitting tribute to the Late Great. 
There was a line about how she insisted on "living, as opposed to just living happily ever after" - a philosophy  I think we can all learn from 👑✨ #fabuleuseinlondon
It's #DragRace finale day 🥳🏆🏁 aside from being a culmination of pop culture, fashion, music and performance art (the pillars of my very existence), this TV show has given me so much more. It's a blazing tribute to showing up as your most unapologetic self against all odds, it's a celebration of dedication to one's craft and most of all...pure, magical FUN.

I've made friendships because of Drag Race, constructed garments and served LEWKS.

After Drag Race, everything else I've watched feels like it's lagging behind. In terms of LGBTQ+ representation especially. But it's led the way for improvements.

If you havent witnessed the magic yourself - S11 finishes today, which means you have enough time to catch up from S4 (no shade but start from there lol 👀) before the next one starts. Who's excited for Drag Race UK?🏁🤩
Everyday I fall a little bit more in love with coming home to this ⚜ (Yeah you're reading that right, it does say BDE on my mood board x) #ProjectHausOfFabuleuse #storyofmyhome #myinteriorsquares #realhomesofinstagram #ikeahack #ikeamalm
Just a girl in her home, enjoying an actual sofa after 6 months with an aesthetically pleasing but totally uncomfortable loveseat/bench (see #ProjectHausOfFabuleuse for reference). A sofa was the only thing missing from my flat and now it’s here it really feels like home💒💕
A year ago I was anxiously waiting for the chain to complete on my place. It was all I could think about. I couldn’t stop dreaming about getting the keys and getting started on making it mine. At the time, I felt painfully stuck in limbo but looking back now I’m glad I had those extra months to enjoy living at home and save a little extra ££££. ⭐
Naturally, I couldn’t wait for the jamboree of matching throw pillows and picking out artwork and ✨GOLD✨ ornaments⚜😏. And yes that part was fun, but having lived in my own place for 6 months I can already say it’s been so much more than that. I’ve gained a sense of empowerment through responsibility. I’ve learnt to be alone. I’ve honed in on what really matters to me. I have an improved relationship with my parents. And best of all, I have a better relationship with myself. Which, after all is the most significant relationship any of us will have. ✨
When @suzettestylejourneys said this on my podcast, I gasped. ♥️
Playfulness, lightness, laughter shouldn’t be overlooked - but so often they are. When was the last time you did something for the sake of FUN and fun alone? 🎮 #findingyourfabuleuse #fabuleusedujour
#TheFridayFabuleuse ☆ 24thMay2019
[things to be thankful for this week]

Finding this £12 skirt that saved the day from my wardrobe malfunction (I'm talking dress split right over my bum🤗) ✨ celebrating 6 months of living my truth and feeling my fantasy in my flat! ✨ Lebanese food ✨ a long overdue midweek theatre trip with @sam_mcilroy ✨ this not-too-hot-but-gloriously sunny weather ✨ Carly Rae Jepsen's new album ✨ midweek dessert dates with @lilysophiab 💖 #OutfitsDuJour
From Dubrovnik ➡️ Doha. Instagram fashion culture will have you thinking each occasion requires a new outfit but I'm here to remind you that it's ok to wear your outfits multiple times!!! Save your £££. If you love an outfit, wear it again. And again. And again.
Empty that shopping cart and shop your own wardrobe ✨ #OutfitsDuJour