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This stage was from the 2018 Delaware State Championship!
The rifle was staged at position 1, pistols holstered, and shotgun staged at position 3. The rifle was to be shot from position 1, putting atleast 2 rounds on each target with 10 shots. The pistols were shot from position 2, same as the rifle. After shooting the pistols you moved to the shotgun and killed 2 knockdowns from position 3 and moved to position 4 and killed 2 more knockdowns.
Side note: Sorry about the glitch near the end of the video!
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My competition firearms and rigs include:
Pistols- the left pistols are my current pistols which are the SASS competition ruger vaqueros with lowered hammers, and 4 5/8" barrels. The right set of pistols are my ruger blackhawks with 4 5/8" barrels. Both sets of pistols are chambered in 357 magnum.
Rifle- 1873 uberti, with a short stroke and straight trigger. The rifle is chambered I'm 357 magnum also.
Shotgun-12 gauge, 1897 norinco.
The gun belt and holsters were made by Dennis Yoder, and I use a canvas shotgun belt.
The ammo I use is 105 grain for pistol and 125 grain for rifle with starline brass. I use Remington STS shotgun shells . 
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Goodmorning Instagram! My name is Tombstone Coty, and I will be hosting this Instagram for a few hours today. I am 18 years old, and I am from a little town called Bernville in Pennsylvania. My home club of cowboy action is in Hamburg, with the Blue Mountain Rangers. I heard about the sport when I was 11 years old, and I knew I wanted to try it out! I went to every match I could and picked up the brass for all the shooters. They all gave me tips, and eventually I had enough money to buy a set of pistols! I began competing around age 12, and have not stopped loving the sport since! I am currently now the match director of my home club, and cannot wait for spring to come around to get back out shooting! If you have any questions for me, do not be afraid to ask on the SASS instagram story in a little bit! Thank you!
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@tombstonecoty_123 will be taking over our Instagram on 1.17.19. don't miss it! #sass #singleaction #singleactionshooting #singleactionshootingsociety #cas #cowboyactionshooting #cowboyaction
Thank you so much for spending the day with us! Had a blast.
Deuce Stevens MI State Championship.
Speed Stevens shooting speed rifle at Iowa State.
My little buckaroo Speed Stevens. He will be going into his 3rd seaon of SASS at 8 years old!
Here is my “bread n butter” gear line up for most of my shooting. Marlin 1894 Cowboy Comp in .38 built by Cowboy Carty. 7.5” old model Vaqueros in .357 built by Lassiter and Cowboy Carty. Browning BSS 12ga tuned by Fireball.  Winchester 1897 12ga made in 1953 tuned by me. I use Doc Noper gunleather exclusively.
Good morning Instagram!!! I’m Deuce Stevens and today I’m taking over this page for the next few hours. I’m 37 years old and have been competing in SASS for 17 years. I started at the Rockford Regularors in MI. The first match I ever shot we got 6” of snow during the match, I was hooked!! My family and I live in Grand Rapids MI and my home club is the Paradise Pass Regulators. I love ALL aspects of this game most of all the people! I welcome any and all of your questions today.
Deuce Stevens will be taking over our instagram account tomorrow! He will also be going live to answer all of your questions about cowboy action shooting! Tune in tomorrow,you won't want to miss it #cowboyactionshooting #cowboyaction #sass #singleaction #singleactionshooting #singleactionshootingsociety
Stage 4 of the SASS Midwest Regional Championship (Gunsmoke), held in September in Morristown, Minnesota. This was my first year attending this match and I have to say it was a blast, great stages and as always great people! •
Staging: Rifle Staged on center table. Shotgun stages on right table. Revolvers holstered. 
Procedure: SASS default at start position of choice. Guns any order but rifle must be second. With pistols engage the three pistol targets in a continuous Progressive Nevada Sweep (1 on 1, 2 on 2, 3 on 3, 4 on 2). Rifle same as pistols. With shotgun engage the four knowckdowns in any order till down.
I have to say I wasn’t to sure about this sweep at first, I thought it was a bit of a P trap but it turned out to be a really smooth sweep with both the rifle and pistols. It’s a good twist on the Progressive Sweep which happens to be one of my favorites.
Stage Time: 16.18
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