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We are #SodakAttack (A Team) and #BabyDollz (B Team). We are officially the #HappiestTeamInTheUniverse.

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SFJRD Baby Dollz skated with @mnrg Frostbite in St.Paul this weekend and IT.WAS.AMAZING!!!
Thank you for inviting us to be your first home bout in your amazing venue!
We can't wait to play you again!

Special thanks to @frogmouthclothing for our new jerseys and for turning them around in time for our bout!
when you bump into mr testosterone in the lobby... what else are you going to do?
These #dedicated skaters had #perfectattendance for our Fall Season (Sept - November). Congratulations to:
Princess Pocalypse
Rainbow Dash
Death Rae
Hit TaMollie
Mo Wicked
Mono Loco
Thunder Clap
Red Fox
Tragedy Ann
Happy Killmore
Lady Meow Meow
Gourmet Cupcake 
#derby #jrrollerderby @the_jrda #sodakattack @themiddlesofficial #babydollz #sfjrd #showup
This is why we #fightlikekatelyn.
We were minding our own business in sunny LA when @zachbraff insisted on getting his picture taken with the Happiest Roller Derby Team in the Universe. 
Who are we to say no? 📸🤩 #sodakattack @the_jrda #juniorrollerderby #scrubs #rollerderby #fangirling #cali #hifromsd #whatjusthappened @themiddlesofficial
Games 1 & 2 in Cali did NOT disappoint! Thank you to @sandiegotremors for a great, hard fought game. 
Double thank you to @losanarchists for hosting us today and skating your hearts out on the track! We had a ton of fun!
#sodakattack #juniorrollerderby @the_jrda #derbylove #californiaorbust #hifromsd
#SodakAttack takes on the @sandiegotremors and @losanarchists this morning in sunny California! 
#cali #HifromSD #juniorrollerderby @the_jrda #derbylove #wishwewerethere #fightlikekatelyn 
Graphic design by @richarddrahcirsanchez
#sodakattack is headed to #cali this weekend to play some world class roller derby against @losanarchists @sandiegotremors @jr_knockouts and @diamondcityminors! 
Four games in two days a mere 1700 miles away from home. And then we hope to hit the #skateparks with @moxirollerskates to put a cap on what will surely be one of the greatest derby weekends for all of our skaters (and parents)! #Goodluck and #safetravels from those of us stuck in the cold and the wind!  #derbylove
#juniorrollerderby @the_jrda #jrda #awaygame #californiaorbust #fightlikekatelyn #yeet
Each month we celebrate our skaters with a series of coach and skater nominated awards based on performance, teaching, attitude and perseverance. Congrats to all! Keep up the great work!

September Perfect Attendance Awards:

Happy Killmore, Cuddle Killer, Death Rae, Hot Ta'Mollie, InTeragator, Lady Meow-Meow, Mickey Wicked, Mo Wicked, Mono Loco, Rainbow Dash, Red Fox, Princess Pocalypse, Scar Wars, Squid Vicious, Thunder Clap, Tragedy Ann, Luna Shovegood, Gourmet Cupcake, and Teenage Dirtbag.

Skater nominated awards for Purrfect Teammate: 
InTeragator, Hot Ta'Mollie, Gourmet Cupcake, Havoc, ThunderClap, Princess Die, Mono Loco x 2, Teenage Dirtbag, Red Fox, Lilinator, Mojo, Havoc. 
Skater nominated awards for Teammate Teachers:
Speed Diva x 2, Princess Pocalypse, Hot Ta'Mollie, Bone Breaker.

Coach's Awards:
Hard Hat Award Sodak Attack: Mo works her butt off! Always present and cheerful at practice. She embodies our team spirit of positivity, humor and love.
She draws cuts on the jammers, constantly and is an amazing team player. She is a great team mate, making it a priority to help the Baby Dollz every week.
She always tries to squash drama right away... and is deserving.

Hard Hat Award Baby Dollz: Teenage Dirtbag is always trying to improve her skills by asking where she can improve and paying attention when we run drills. She threw serious defense during last weekend's bout. Keep up the hard work! It really is paying off.

Stick To It Award Sodak Attack: Red Fox is always willing to put in the work to better understand the game. He is an excellent teammate and has never met a stranger. This year he has been going out of his way to plan extra workouts for the team on his own time. Even in tough times he is a constant positive force on the bench.

Stick To It Award Baby Dollz: Mojo has been working so hard at passing his 8in2 time test these last few weeks. His last chance was in the minutes leading up to our bout against No Coast last weekend. On his 3rd attempt, with just minutes to spare before first whistle, he rocked out 8 solid laps in 2 minutes in front of a full house. Great job!

#JRDA #juniorrollerderby #sodakattack #babydollz #sfjrd
Congratulations to Gourmet Cupcake, Lady Meow Meow, Tragedy Ann, Havoc, and Teenage Dirtbag for working hard and leveling up tonight at practice!
#jrda #juniorrollerderby #levelup #sfjrd #skatelikeagirl
Ever wonder what it takes to make good humans? We think we might be onto something over here. 
We renew this #promise before every practice. 
#saywhatyoumean #meanwhatyousay 
@jrdarocks #sodakattack #babydollz #jrda #juniorrollerderby @roller.derby.daily @roller.derby.insta 
320 wheels on the track last night! 
@siouxfallsjrd is here to #skatehard and #chewbubblegum... and you really shouldn't chew gum with a mouthguard in.  #sodakattack #babydollz #SFJRD #jrda #juniorrollerderby @riedellroller @s1helmets @radarwheels @frogmouthclothing