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We’re thankful for all the ways our CEO inspires us to pick our heads up and breathe in the face of fear. Follow along with @lindsey_walenga on her journey through entrepreneurship, motherhood and leadership—and the bravery she’s embracing along the way. ⬇️⁣
Posted @withrepost • @lindsey_walenga Balancing on a rock, in the wind, wearing 4” heels...this is a story so many of us know. I’m always amazed at the parallel between physical and emotional challenges.⁣
Up on this rock I’m stretched to my limit and giving it everything I have. The mere fact that I’m surviving this should be impressive on its own, but I can’t help wondering if I could be doing more. Could my leg be higher? My back arched more gracefully? What are the bystanders thinking? Doubt quickly surfaces while I’m up there alone.⁣
In this position it’s easiest to keep my head down and focus on the ground. I feel safer that way. But the ground isn’t what I’m reaching for, so I push myself to look up and face the wide open space in front of me.⁣
With my eyes on the sky, balancing immediately becomes harder. I tilt from one side to the other, shaky and a little scared that I’m going to fall and break something important.⁣
It’s tough not to let fear takeover. When it does, I fall every time. But other times, like this one, I remember to breathe. I take big, cleansing, loud breaths and listen closely as the air swirls around my body. The moment my attention goes to my breath, my balance returns. I’m steadier and stronger while I do this hard thing.⁣
Now that I’m calm, I can stay as long as I like, and gently let go whenever I need to. I can jump down off this rock and rejoin the girls who were standing behind the camera, cheering me on. One of them yells, “Damn! I’m going to leave my husband for her!” 😂 Thanks girl, for the support and the comic relief.⁣
When we stretch this far, we naturally doubt ourselves. I doubt myself all the time. But when we pick up our heads and remember to breathe, our balance returns and then we believe.⁣
I’ve got this. And so do you. ✨
Supporting STEAM education with cocktails, diamonds and exploring Cranbrook Institute of Science after dark? We can’t think of a better way to spend an evening—we had a blast this past Friday at Women Rock Science. ✨
“There are two paths ahead. You can follow the inertia of decades past when communicating was much simpler, or you can square your shoulders to the truth: Your stakeholders are different than they were years ago, and that means your approach needs to be different, too.” - @lindsey_walenga ⁣
Which path will you take? If you’re wondering why storytelling reinvention is vital to success, check out the link in our bio.
We’re celebrating the kickass mothers of Siren and all the women who do the impossible every day. 💪

Check out why our CEO @lindsey_walenga makes a case for beautiful, messy motherhood deserving more than one day of glory.

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As our Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder, Adela has an unparalleled knack for generating enthusiasm for people and brands. With a creative eye and innovative mindset, she leads marketing, tech and client strategy. Adela’s innate optimism, empathetic nature and love of storytelling give her the ability to truly understand clients’ needs and position them as experts in their industries. Learn more about Adela on our site (link in bio).
Did you catch the behind-the-scenes look at Cranbrook Institute of Science with WXYZ’s #Explore series? Check out our story to step into one of our favorite places and learn some cool facts along the way.
We’re overwhelmed with gratitude at the amount of support and encouragement we’ve received in the past week. From clients, to friends and family, to fellow entrepreneurs and more, we wouldn’t be where we are today without our community— thank you. ❤
Not only is Siren on the move, but our people are too. A born leader, avid dreamer and lifelong entrepreneur, Lindsey has been the driving force behind Siren PR’s vision and growth. As our co-founder and CEO, she embraces change and innovation daily and leads our team with strategy, bravery and compassion. Read more about Lindsey’s role as CEO in @crainsdetroit People on the Move (link in bio).
For nonprofit leaders, embracing innovation has never been more important. That goes for your storytelling efforts, too. Change is hard, but you’re brave enough to handle it. Dive into the power of reinvention in our latest blog post from Lindsey. (link in bio)
Siren PR is entering an exciting new stage of growth, and we’re beyond thrilled to share it with you. Since 2012, Siren has continued to develop into a stronger, better, smarter PR firm that connects brands that matter to the people who need them—and that’s not stopping anytime soon. As we enter into a new phase with a stronger foundation, new ideas, increased revenue and team growth, we’re eager to share our brand-new website and announce two key leadership changes that reflect this significant chapter: Co-founder Lindsey Walenga will lead our business and growth as the Chief Executive Officer, and co-founder Adela Piper will take the reins on all things marketing, tech and client strategy as the new Chief Marketing Officer. Check out our new website to learn more about Siren PR, and follow along here for more updates on this beautiful journey (link in bio).
“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein⁣
Happy Earth Day! We’re thankful for a beautiful planet that allows us to spark creativity and connect with each other more deeply. 🌎
Today we’re celebrating our intern Dayana on her last day at Siren PR. A soon-to-be graduate of Oakland University, she’s sure to accomplish incredible things. Thank you for all you’ve done, Dayana!