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Let us sketch your dog in our world! Simply visit our website purchase your custom sketch, send us a photo of your Hound and we'll sketch them. 🐢

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We had a blast sketching Willow and friends in their latest adventures. Be sure to follow @wimblepoochies to get the full story! Check out our website if you would like your pooch sketched in their very own story book! #dachshundsofinstagram #sausagedog #dogs #sketchmysausagedog  @sausagedogcentral
Was so much fun doing the sketches for Willow's poem. Here is the front cover! @wimblepoochies 
@sketchmysausagedog @dachshundappreciation #dachshundsofinstagram #dachshund #sausagedog #sketchmysausagedog #universeofthehounds
Extremely excited to announce the release of our first book - Danger The Dachshund Explorer!!
A tale of Danger the legendary dachshund explorer and his search for the Magical Golden Tennis Ball off the coast of Hound Island. Its a race against the clock as the Evil Cats also close in on the prized treasure. The fate of Hound Island rests in Danger's paws!
To follow Danger's adventure visit our website. #sausagedog #dachshundsofinstagram #dachshund #universeofthehounds
Halle the star centre half forward for the Sainters taking an absolute speckie on the Hallowed turf of 'The G' in the 2017 AFL Grand Final. This time it is the Saints who defeat the Geelong Cats by 12 points as they make amends for the 09 heartbreaking loss. Halle wins the Norm Smith Medal for the best player in the big game. Way to go Halle!!πŸ˜ƒπŸ‰ For our friends not from Australia, Australian Rules Football is Australia's National Sport and the Grand Final  attracts an attendance of over 100,000  @amcnicholl #daschund #sausagedog #sketchmysausagedog #universeofthehounds #dachshundsofinstagram
Sille is an expert burger connoisseur. Here she is sampling her 2nd burger for the day at her local burger shop 'Tommi's Burger Joint' in Copenhagen. After this she is going to burn off the calories she gained from the burger as she walks to her next burger tasting session at 'Cock's and Cow's'.. With this type of dedication it's easy to see how Sille was voted the number 1 food critic in all of Copenhagen. Keep staying hungry for success Sille!😁 @sille_the_hotdog #sketchmysausagedog #universeofthehounds #sausagedog #dachshund #dachshundsofinstagram #dachshundlove
At the Durham Dog Park there is no dog more loved than Trixie. In her younger years Trixie was the '09' National Fetching Champion πŸ†, despite still being able to get out there and mix it with the the other younger dogs, Trixie now likes to kick back on her bench, read the newspaper and teach the puppies at the dog park about what it takes to be a world class fetcher. Trixie also loves to take a picnic lunch in her purse to the park. It looks like a sausage is on the menu today! @trixiethedaschund #sausagedog #dachshund #sketchmysausagedog #universeofthehounds
Here's Tilda popping a wheelie for Wheelie Day last December. She's raising awareness for her friends that need doggy wheelchairs. Way to go Tilda!. For her day job Tilda models her good looks. 😍 What a busy girl! @tilda_the_teckel @dachshundsunited  #dachshundsofinstagram #sausagedogs #hound #sketchmysausagedog #universeofthehounds
"Where did my other sock go??" The question that has eluded the smartest scientists and detectives for years has finally been solved. An anonynous tipster (neighbours cat) reported seeing Rhubarb sneaking around the neighbourhood with a sack full of socks. Rhubarb has agreed to return all the socks he has borrowed over the years. @rhubarbthesausage #sketchmysausagedog #sausagedog #dachshund #universeofthehounds
Our Australian friend Crumb has always loved fishing with his best friend Snouts. Here, unbeknown to Snouts, Crumb has borrowed the boat for a days fishing on his own. Leave some for the rest of us Crumb!! 🐢😁@50shadesofcrumb @snakemorris #dachshund #sausagedog #dachnation #sketchmysausagedog #universeofthehounds
Bruno loves riding shotgun in the car with his family. After hearing about his driving expertise the British Dachshund Race Team recruited him to be their lead driver. Here he is leading the race in the Sausage Dog City Derby! Driving at record speeds, he narrowly leads arch rivals Gustav the German Sheppard and Pepper the Dachshund on the final lap!! Who will win?? πŸŽπŸŽπŸΆπŸ’•@brunotheminidachshund  @pepperminidachshund #sausagedog #dachshund #sketchmysausagedog #universeofthehounds
In the inaugural Dogs vs Cats Basketball Game scores are level with 3 seconds remaining. Nigel steals the ball, dribbles down the court and throws down a huge doggie dunk to win it for the Dogs!! The thousands of hounds at the stadium erupt including Nigel's best friend the Honey Badger. The rivalry between these two species dates back generations and was only increased due to Nigel's sister Gracie, being the star player for the Cats. Both Nigel and Gracie played great games and their parents were extremely proud. @nigelthechiweenie #NigeTheBaller  #dachshund #sausagedog #dachnation #sketchmysausagedog #universeofthehounds
Pepper🌢 catching some sweet waves on her new SUP Board. She has also befriended a little clown fish who apparently used to be a movie star β­οΈπŸ˜‰
#sketchmysausagedog #sausagedog #dachshund #dachnation #universeofthehounds

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