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Ames' locally owned, full-service bicycle shop.
308 Main St. Ames, IA. 515-232-0322
Monday-Saturday 10-6, Thursday 10-8

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Yet another custom Skunk River build, revision no. 2 for this bike. Now a 2x3 setup, using an internally geared FSA Metropolis crankset mated to a classic 1974 Sturmey-Archer 3-speed hub. The crank is controlled by a period-correct Campagnolo downtube shifter, with the rear of course utilizing a classic 3-speed trigger and some creative cable routing. This combination gives this bike an extremely useful spread of six speeds ranging from a stump-pulling low gear, up to a high gear best suited for the Autobahn, all put together on a 70's Raleigh International frameset beautifully restored by Jeff Bock. We love doing projects like this as the cold season approaches and our schedule starts to open up. Stop down today and we can help you dream up your ideal bike setup, no matter how unorthodox. #raleigh #raleighinternational #jeffbock #fsametropolis #sturmeyarcher
Fresh batch of jerseys in from @borahteamwear and a few new bottle options to boot!

#skunkrivercycles #specializedbottles #bikeiowa #anotherscorcher
Are you ready for #ragbrai? Looking for a few upgrades before the big ride? We have what you need. Dura-Ace pedal reflectors, in stock now. #duraace
We're stoked to have bike racing outside our front door again! Make sure and set aside some time on June 16th and 17th to check out some rippin' racing in Ames courtesy of the fine folks at @amesvelo. Check out the @amesvelo page for more info on racing or volunteering!

This Raleigh TI Team bike is at the Marin Museum of Bicycling which is also home to the Mountain Biking Hall of Fame and just happens to have a Michael’s Cyclery sticker on it.
We sent @stateofjacob to California to checkout the new 2019 Marin bikes. Looks like fun!
The fattest fat bike.
2018 was year of the Dog. 2019: year of the Marin
Hope everyone had a great 531 day and got out on a classic steel beauty!  #531 #reynoldstubing #theallsteelbicycle #raleighbicycles #campagnolo #steelisreal #bikeiowa #531day
You can rest assured that if the shop is closed we're out in the field doing in-depth product testing. On a related note, don't forget to bring all the water bottles with you this weekend. 📷@fugly67 #anotherscorcher #rideeveryday #woodsbiking #centertrails #boatshirt #trailyeah
Thanks to all the commuters who stopped by for breakfast this morning!
Chain "stretch" is a problem! Compare the new chain on the top to the extremely worn out chain on the bottom. The pins line up at first, but by a few inches in it's a half link off! Imagine what the teeth on the gears were experiencing...If you ride your bike daily, make sure you get your chain checked periodically. A worn chain left alone for too long can lead to costly repairs. Keep your chain clean, and dont over-lube it, either (yes, thats a thing!) Stop down today to avoid premature drivetrain replacement. #chainwear #chainstretch