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Masochism. ^^'s.Night Time,My Time (accidentally) has become one of the most banned album covers in 🇺🇸 history.

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I try so hard to not to get upset
Because I know all the trouble I'll get
Oh he tells me tears are something to hide and something to fear 
And I try so hard to keep it inside so no one can hear
feeling productive
!!!I am learning how to drive!!!!
My 2nd cover. I was 17(?) when it was shot & doing my best @lauradern / Lula impression.
RIP Matt Irwin 
I love you forever 
✨✨I'm jealous of those who got to witness the mighty talented @angelolsenmusic in LA tonight✨✨Everything just leads back to this photo: I convinced myself it was okay to eat (over priced) ice cream every other day because I wasn't in America & dragged both :: @actuallyadog ::of you down with me
Appropriate mixing session attire (I had the flu? I hope? I did. I think? I would tho? Even if I didn't.) Warlock?????
I am making merch as we speak. In the dark. It will be out next month. 
It's "dynamite" get it?!? NEVER MIND. The drawing of Sandy & I won't be part of it...sadly. Lol. 
I'm also putting out new music.
Why stop at one of my favorite ladies hanging out with mannequin heads
I can never go home anymore
When @hedislimane & I were convinced we were going to live in Malibu
@hamletpowpowpow is my favorite!

HELLLLOOOOOOOOOOOO @kyle_maclachlan