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Aussie in LA • average actress|daggy dancer|fake model|pretend photographer|really good at getting sunburnt • 📷 @smac.snaps 🖤 @ryanigram subscribe ⬇️


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What would happen if I posted two photos in one day? In unrelated news, you can mute people on IG who are annoying, like me.
On set today shooting my 9th commercial for 2018! Thanks @msaagency + @jackson_entertainment • also someone was watching me take this self timer selfie so I panicked and sat like an awkward frog. Also also, do you think I can beat my last years record of 14 commercials? Also also also do you think I could brag any less obviously? #probably #MSAfam
Booked a fun hair commercial this week which requires me to have a lil trim and colour. I haven’t filmed it yet but this is what I’m imagining my before and after will look like. Wish me luck! Thanks again to my awesome team @msaagency @jackson_entertainment #MSAfam
Here’s a throwback of me acting. And I mean really acting cause I’ve never been drunk or hungover or a fan of burritos yet somehow feel like I am every morning.  #airtime#commercial @firstclasstalent @jackson_entertainment @good_people_casting
Found this old pic from my first ever magazine shoot back in 1994. 📷 @kmo_18 side note: wouldn’t mind a makeup company sponsoring the bags under my eyes. #jussayin #maybeitsmaybelline
Sometimes you get to work with actors who you admire from your favourite TV show. Also sometimes you look like an awkward chubby tween. Today I did both. #TheOffice #oscarnunez #MSAfam
Me running to my fridge. Also me, running to a velcro wall for good ole’ Google. At the end of this shoot I recorded a solid 3 mins of laugh-screams for audio and the director said I could throw in some Aussie versions (we scream differently downunder) I hope that gets leaked one day cause it’s probably the best thing I’ve ever done. #TBT #msafam
When girls show their ankles. #blinding #BenchSeatsAreTheBestSeats
Ant POV.
Can someone please explain to me the definition of Showing Off? Not sure I really get it.
(LONG) 5yrs ago I was invited to a Hollywood Halloween party, even though that sounded like my least favourite type of social event, I went. What persuaded me was the Facebook invite. It was the most well written & brilliantly witty text I’d seen in a long time. I had no idea who wrote it but I saved a screenshot & began making a costume. The idea that someone so funny & great existed gave me hope in making friends in a town where I still had none. I didn’t stay at the party long, I didn’t move or meet anyone new, but I’d paid $35 for parking so made myself enjoy all the drunk people in hilarious outfits. 
2yrs pass by & I’m now hanging out with a new group of cool cats, aka Quest Crew. Halloween comes along & I get invited to their party. Lo and behold the infamous & unknown to me Facebook-event-invite-writer has appeared. I was so chuffed to read yet another bloody fantastic & hilarious invitation & couldn’t believe I now knew the genius behind it all! However, that specific party had me down in the dumps due to a dumb boy incident. I still had fun but the host saw my blues & took me to get a “feel better icecream”. It did make me feel better & I realised I was now amongst a genuine group of people. We became better friends, occasionally getting icecream & sending eachother bad memes. I was happy to have a friend who was hilarious & talented & smart & real & so kind & oh shit I was falling in love. Except not the cute love, I fell into the awkward love that can eventually ruin things & it kinda almost did until he talked some sense into me. It was a few months of me doing some serious growing up, dealing with anxiety I never knew existed & figuring out myself cause I had suddenly found what I wanted but didn’t have the confidence or poise to get it. But, I did have enough confidence to not give up & in that process was probably pretty annoying, sorry. Long story long, something about me worked & the way he confessed his love just absolutely swept me off my feet. I’ve been legless ever since. It’s the type of love I never imagined cause I never knew it could happen. I don’t even know how to talk about it, it’s too overwhelming. My life with you is damn good..
I still get giddy about seeing Cacti in the wild. It feels like I’m on set. #california#knowshowtoparty 📷 @drew.casta