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Aussie in LA • average actress|daggy dancer|fake model|pretend photographer|really good at getting sunburnt • @smac.snaps 🖤 @ryanigram @billy.the.bun


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Here’s video proof of me peaking at 11yrs old • this is me and my pal @alexandrabridie performing our own comedic dance routine at a dance competition! We made this dance up in the lounge room for a Halloween talent show, then our dance teacher let us compete with it and we won every single eisteddfod! We grew older and uglier and then formed an offical comedic duo called Mitch and Max! We competed in a teenage national comedy competition called #ClassClowns with a musical slapstick number and won for our state (QLD) which took us to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival for the finals! Later we performed as an opening act for comedians we had met during our journey and were a featured performance at the annual Brisbane Children’s Out Of The Box festival! We also performed a full length theatrical comedy show at the @bris_powerhouse for the 2High Festival! All this and still under the age of 18! Although our paths then took us to different countries this comedic part of my life was such an accomplishment full of fond memories. So many brilliant relationships formed along the way! SO much of this was inspired by the great Lano & Woodley, Australian legends in the comedy scene whom we’ve been so lucky to meet numerous times! Fun fact, my idol Frank Woodley actually saw me perform when I toured in How To Train Your Dragon Live! What a fun time!! Love ya Smelly Alley #TweedleDeeandTweedleDum
Happy Birthday to my man, my best friend and my forever love. Let’s be real, he’s the man of everyone’s dreams but somehow the man of my reality. The most generous, humble, cleverly talented and kind hearted heart-throb. What a cool dude 🕺
Yeppppp I’m posting heaps old photos • 📷 @tonyxchu
Honestly posting this cause 1. I’m a bit sick and have been sneezing all day and 2. SYTYCD is on TV tonight!! 3. And lastly I love the guy’s face in the audience at the end @danceonfox #sytycd#allergyseason#boogiewonderland
I hate summer as much as my back hates me after doing this. 100% #pale#fragile#postingoldphotospretendinglikeimstillthisproactive
A new lil diddy I made for Aussie brand @ponicosmetics featuring their WhiteKnight Mascara! ⚡️💁‍♀️
This is my reaction to my own self when I actually wake up before midday. Congrats girl. • p.s this was a selfie taken after filming a commercial • hair and makeup by @christopheandjohny
Wanna see my reaction to my #SYTYCD audition solo!!? FULL VIDEO on my YouTube/SmacMcCreanor 🕺🕺 LINK in my stories!
So dis is me and how I dance • side note this song was actually my first ever dance solo when I was 7yrs old! • side-side note most of this routine was made up in my tiny lounge room the night before with the comedic guidance from my boyfriend @ryanigram who told me to just “do what you would do” • epic moment full of fun and fear!! FULL AUDITION streaming in #Hulu and also on the Internet and stuff • thanks @danceonfox 🕺 #sytycd#sytycd16#sytycdseason16#boogiewonderland#smacisback
LINK IN BIO. I’m not awkward at all. Also I love @catdeeley so much. #sytycd (watch my audition on the official SYTYCD Facebook and Twitter page!!)
Guess what! I auditioned for SYTYCD (America) and my lil jazz audition routine featuring my worn-out-teenage-jazz shoes will cameo TONIGHT on the season 16 premiere!! I’m nervous. Watch @danceonfox 9/8c  to see me stutter and strut around like a bogan. #BrisbaneRepresent 🕺
Sooo...tonight is the season premiere of So You Think You Can Dance (America) • This video is of me earlier this year at 5am the day I auditioned for it...and that audition kinda maybe will be appearing in TONIGHTS episode • watch the telly tonight on Fox 9/8c  @danceonfox @foxtv #sytycd#sytycd16 #imnervous #realitytvisscary (I’m not sure if Aussies can watch it but I’ll eventually post some embarrassing highlights) 🕺