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Aussie in LA • average actress|daggy dancer|fake model|pretend photographer|really good at getting sunburnt • 📷 @smac.snaps 🖤 @ryanigram subscribe ⬇️


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I got to play at the new @parkmgm Hotel in Vegas for their latest advertising! Best part was shooting in the restaurant, which is yet to come, but it included a lot of burgers and ice cream sundaes 👌👌 📷 @christaanfelber
You better believe my hands were cooking up a nice melted skin dish. Rolly-polly by @_meglittler
Just embracing my big shoulders. P.S see my story for my latest commercial cameo! • 📷 @kristigriffphotos
My love
That time i went for a hike vs that time I sat in my underwear in my air con’d apartment all day and posted that photo of when I went on a hike. 📷 @kristigriffphotos
Who else wears a pin of their boyfriends headshot from 2005? #sytycd1
That’s 115, folks. #heatwave#microwave#soundwave#hiphoparmwave
Happy July 4th! With love, Sarah and Daniel #Prom1986#fireworks#merica#nofilter
Mood • (this wasn’t the shot p.s this was just me being an idiot while resetting back to 1, for comedy purposes, personal comedy purposes) #onset#professional#BookedandBlessed#BookedandDeath
Hitting those beats thanks to @mariahspears choreography! Thanks girl for a Sunday Funday class, which ended with a mosh pit, as they all should! filmed by @claudio.a.robles 🕺 #Bellyache @wherearetheavocados @evolutionnoho #MSAfam #DIYbadlycroppedsweater
He’s gone abroad to work real hard this summer, I’ll just be over here missing you. 🖤 #tbt
I don’t know how to take headshots but here’s my new hipster one. #CommercialHipsterIsntReallyHipster