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Aussie in LA • average actress|daggy dancer|fake model|pretend photographer|really good at getting sunburnt • 📷 @smac.snaps 🖤 @ryanigram subscribe ⬇️


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My boyfriends back 🖤 @ryanigram
A quick 80’s jazz to end the night. Basically just head roll after head roll. #hallandoates #privateeyes #JAM thanks @kmo_18 for being my IG husband haha 📷📷
I had to send a selfie for a casting. So now I’m posting the filtered version, for no reason other than vanity. 🍫
Has Summer finally left? Is it safe to go outside yet? #tbt 📷 @drew.casta
Los Angeles is awesome and crazy. I never know in advance what my schedule will be but the spontaneity, pace and inability to plan ahead is thrilling! This weeks agenda currently consists of some auditions, fittings, dancing in a music video, editing photoshoots and spending any spare time prepping for my Director debut for an upcoming video shoot. AND THEN my boyfriend comes home from having worked abroad the last 2 months!!! (And then I’ll be temporarily MIA because of that) I have no idea what else could come up this week but I’m excited and also this photo has no correlation to anything whatsoever. Have a great week buttheads! 📷 @kristigriffphotos
Part TWO of me acting like I enjoy working out. Again, I filmed this random stuff just for my athletic demo reel. It’s awkward. I have no proper technique, but I’ll keep on faking it til I make it! Thanks @kmo_18 for filming and thanks @ryanigram for having cool mixes that make these vids way cooler than they are!! 🎵 tip: bad lighting? Black and white all the way.
Pretending to be a yogi so I can book commercial work as a yogi. This is legit just for my reel. But maybe I’ll start getting on that trend of Insta-yoga-fame-game. Yeah? Nah? Thanks @kmo_18 for filming! Thanks @ryanigram for the mix 🎵 Thanks @aloyoga for the clothes I paid for but am open to getting for free in the future.
I haven’t seen my family in 4yrs (this is a video from then) It’s Father’s Day in Australia today and I spoke with him briefly on the phone, which ended in loving tears. For some reason phone/video calls have not been something my family have done since I left home 7yrs ago. I don’t really know why but we’ve only ever communicated via Facebook posts! But I’m overwhelmed with joy and emotion knowing I’ll be seeing them soon on a much needed quick trip home. #HappyFathersDay #fakephoto
HEY. What’s that? Two dance videos in a row? Wow how annoying. Thanks to @mariahspears for the dope combo that I fluffed my way through! 👯‍♀️ Cameos by @kmo_18 @jackieriedel • music by @fkatwigs
Major throwback to years ago dancing in @nikakljun class! Happy Birthday old mate MJ, 80% of my dance life has involved his music so cheers to the legend.
The ultimate comparison you’ve all not been waiting for. Also the reason I won’t ever get a pixie cut. #McFly
It’s been a while since I’ve seen him but on another note, it’s been years since we first began and that makes my heart explode with happiness. 🖤 #tbt #lovestrangle