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Anime & Game Soundtrack Composer // Hip-hop & EBM Producer in Tokyo.
Personal Account: @prettymonster84
#hiphop #EBM

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I admit it, I’m Batman. It was me. Imma save Gotham with this song
If you’ve ever wanted to midi sync the Akai #mpc60, I recommend it as a method as Roger Lin’s grooves are bae. 
I forget how to do it every time so this is my little guide for myself! 
Got my soundcard set to SMPTE and Logic on Internal sync mode in project settings. Not auto-enabling ext sync in Logic. Works very well on Roger Linn’s swansong OS 3.10. *sync vol needs to be up on he back *menu freezes if midi in is connected, remove to operate *by holding the tap tempo button while playing a sequence, you can create stutter fx
It’s bae
Had a nice little drum tracking sesh
Having a lot of fun blending more modern sounds we’ve these epic nineties vibes from the SC88
Just realized it’s got dark Ww
Super cereal