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Located at 302 W. Victory Dr, Savannah, GA 31405.
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Come in at 4:20 to pick up this @nexus water pipe! A great brand for a great day :) We hope to see you all!
Todays giveaway time is 3:00!! The hand pipe, by Smoky Mountain Glass, were giving away today is fumed, so itll change colors as it gets dirty, and has an amazing texture that makes this spoon stand out and especially unique! So come in and check it out!! Tomorrow is the LAST DAY of the giveaway and your LAST CHANCE to get a freebie from us! We're giving out our all time favorite water pipe from our line up of pieces this week! Stay tuned for that special time and be ready!!!
Check out the percolation on this rig!! An internal recycler AND an inverted showerhead. Its a great combo, guaranteed for smooth hits!
You can pick this rig up at....... 6:15!
We're looking forward to seeing your beautiful faces! And if you get here late a couple minutes late, who knows! Maybe well still have it! If not, you can always drool over the rest of our glass ;)
Hello hello hello!
Todays time is 5:45, and this sweet hand pipe is the one up for grabs :)
Were chillin, eager to give it to the next awesome person to claim a giveaway piece!! Just a friendly reminder that this is all in good fun, so keep it light and lovely :D
Gotta love @honeysupplyglass !! Today were giving away this sweet rig at 2:00! Be there or be square, peeps
Which one of our dear dear followers recognize this spoon?? Hint: its been featured on here before!

First person to come in at 3:30 will be gifted this crazy awesome skull!!
See you at 3:30!
You guys ready for that sweet sweet giveaway tomorrow?!?!
We are!
Starting monday we will announce a random time at 12 o'clock. The first person to come into the store at that time (no earlier!) will be given the piece of the day!
Or posts will give y'all a hint at which piece is up for grabs that day. So stay on your toes and TREAT YOURSELF!!
Warning: we cant give to the same person twice :P
We have a new @hightechglass piece! Honestly its our personal favorite. It definitely needs a good home!! I suppose we'd be willing to part with it... Custom percs, sick decals, quality glass, and a comfy hold. What else could you ask for?!?
Also featured in this awesome picture is @smokecartelglass first issue of our new magazine!! Its free and has dope articles! 10/10 would reccomend
Youre always welcome to chill out in our comfy chairs (they suck you in)! So kick back, relax, and taste the rainbow with this beauty!! ANNOUNCEMENT:
We will be holding a giveaway next week to celebrate Smoke Cartel's birthday!! Well post the rules soon! But first, you gotta know that our giveaway is only for locals ;)
Good evening IG! Did you miss us?! Well we're back in action so come show our page & the Savannah store front some of that sweet sweet lovin'! Btw: we've got temporary tats & Chubz glass ! 😬🤗👌
How could a nexus puck possibly get any better? Put it on feet. This monster by nexus puck is dope!!! It stands on two big ass sturdy feet and has claws that could literally poke an eye out. He's vicious. But the best part is that the head, that doubles as the bowl, is removable! So you could even use it on a different piece. It's just gnarly dude ! 🤘