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Because you're worth it.
When you see something on the floor and you wonder if it's money.
#ThrowbackThursday, baby Smoothie fighting against sleep.
Not now.
When you need some alone time. (Actually the neighbors were drilling so Smoothie got scared)
Is he still there?
Please, let me know where y'all are from! We're from 🇳🇱
When you don't want to get out of the shower. (With @milkshake.thecat)
Long may she reign! #WinterIsHere
You thought only @milkshake.thecat could sit like this? 😏
So, are Smoothie & Milkshake getting high from catnip? 🤔 Watch the video via @smoothiethecat (YouTube-link in bio)
Smoothie & Milkshake had a catnip party. 🌿 Watch it now via @smoothiethecat (YouTube-link in bio)