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Ok one more episode and then we'll get to work.
Avoiding Monday like
Where do you think you're going?
I'd like to sit EXACTLY here.
I see a lot of vegetables and very little tuna in your grocery bag.
Sunday morning Smoothie.
You're kidding, right?
If you visit giant Smoothie in Auckland, please tag me! This lovely pic is from @mikaylagray94 😊 Mural made by @takeronegraffiti, location Avondale, 1925 Great North Road.
When you can't wait to open a present 🎁 - Also want a box full with goodies for your cat? Go to & use the code smoothie15 to get a 15% discount on your first box! 😸
Don't know if you realize yet, but it's CATURDAY!
Smoothie cuddling with a blue t-shirt. Watch the complete video via @smoothiethecat (youtube link in bio) ☺
I'm stunned by this! 😻 Made by the talented @takeronegraffiti in Auckland, New Zealand. (If you want to go see for yourself: Avondale, 1925 Great North Road.) Thank you!