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You're gonna follow me everywhere with that camera?
This is how you make an entrance.
Blue Monday.
Here you can see why Smoothie's eyes sometimes look greener than other times. There are different shades - between emerald and ocean blue. The intensity depends on the light. 😊
Don't forget to floss.
The Queen is not impressed. || Want to send post to Smoothie? βœ‰ You can send it to: Smoothie The Cat, Postbus 4049, 5604 EA, Eindhoven, The Netherlands 😊
Mini-Queen. Smoothie in 2014. #TBT
When you're in the middle of January and summer seems so far away. || Which season are you in btw? And how hot/cold is it?
Who needs a dog to fetch? 😏
A penny for your thoughts.
Do you also think Smoothie used to be a Disney princess in a past life? πŸ‘‘
A couch full of expectations.