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Friday Fierceness.
Smoothie's first day in her new home, back in 2014. #ThrowbackThursday
When you see the waiter walk by with someone else's food. (A Smoothie classic)
Available for a few more days! Get your Smoothie holiday socks now as a christmas present. Link in bio > @smoothiethecat 😁 
These high quality socks are made of the finest fabrics (75% bamboo) and are one size fits all (up to a size 12 male USA). Of course also this year we're gonna help cats in need with the profits.
No tuna?!
The face of judgement.
Wow, we are with 1,2 million now! 😱 Since when do you follow Smoothie?
Shower before the night shift 👅
Lovely! Thanks @marinas_art_
Me grasping at straws in life.
When you prank your friend.
When the teacher asks you a question and you weren't prepared.