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Trying to figure out how to retire to the lake 40 years early #4thofjuly #gulllake
OOO and you’ll find me in my pineapple suit, on my pineapple floaty, hopefully eating pineapple 🍍☀️
Celebrating the newlyweds all weekend ❤️😘
Last week I had views like these... this week I’m looking at the Big Lots rooftop
#positano #tbt
Jelly fish stings and 900 stairs home but I’m still obsessed with Positano 👌🏽❤️
Three hour tour of Ancient Rome did not disappoint
Gelato and architecture - the highlights of Rome
Rome Day 1: trying to stay awake and trying to channel my inner Lizzie McGuire
Not my 26th yet but I was born in 92 so the balloons still worked
Sunday scaries in full force after such a fun weekend! HBD Lojo 😘👭#brunchisfun #soisjoey
Cheetos and Tito's all day every day