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the good times are killing me

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Help I can't find my comfort zone !!!!!
Going to miss my puppers 🐶💕
"Honey, you missed auburn big time" #peachhair 🍑🍑
Buckle up kids here comes the Christmas feed! 🌨☃️
Today I am going to sign the lease on my new apartment, can't wait until December first when I can say goodbye to this place for good.
"Led through the mist,
By the milk-light of moon,
All that was lost, is revealed.
Our long bygone burdens, mere echoes of the spring,
But where have we come, and where shall we end?
If dreams can't come true, then why not pretend?" // having a very halloweenie day with @jthibault13 carving pumpkins and watching Halloween movies 🎃🍂 (inspired by a design by happygoldfish on tumblr)
spent the day at the pumpkin patch with @jthibault13 🎃🎃
"Makin' up a song about Coraline,
She's a peach, she's a doll, she's a pal of mine,
She's as cute as a button in the eyes of everyone who's ever laid their eyes on Coraline!" //
Need more days like this so I can enjoy fall before she's gone again 👻🍂
I've been writing again and it feels nice 🍂🎃
It's the first day of October so out come the jack-o-lantern socks
I got this lipstick a while ago and have been dying to wear it but like..... where do you go looking like Pennywise's cousin? 👻👻👻
I've been reading October Country and Ray Bradbury is quickly becoming one of my favourite authors 🍂🎃👻