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"Don't chase anything but drinks and dreams"
Sober drinking guide

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Post crafting session celebrating with a Chai Tea Bubbletea 😊😋 Has anyone else tried intresting bubbletea flavours? 🍈🍉🥑🍆🥔
Is anyone else not a fan of waking up early or is it just me? I find I have to have a coffee at midday to keep me awake. 😴😴 P.s. this place has great bagels aswell as coffee ☕🍩
#Tbt Freddo Cappacino and Greece. Essentially the greek answer to cold iced coffee or the original frappaccino. #summerdrinks
Iced Latte is an instant pick me up in hot weather and although the weather has calmed down, it is still sunny enough to grab one of these. 😎😍☕☕☕
Start of the week and I already feel latte late 
HOT ALERT!! 😎🌅🌞🌝🧡 It's still super hot outside and I'm still drinking hot drinks. Does anyone else do this or is it just me?
🎵It's coming home, its coming home, FOOTBALLS coming home🎵

Most likely not, but how will you be watching it and what would you prefer to be drinking a cold nonalcoholic beer or a green mocktail? 🤔🤔🤔
What do I want to have a drink in, oh yeah, a potions bottle,🍹 like something out of Harry Potter. 
This elixer of life is a mint and lime concoction, great for the hot summer months ahead 😎🌄
What are you drinking this summer?
Lemon Based Malt Non-Alcoholic Beer.
 In Tunisia, it is common to find a non-alcoholic beer on the menu.
#holidaydrinks #nonalcoholicbeer
Alcoholfree Mint Mojito by the sea. And yes this setting is just as it was, BEAUTIFUL 
#nofilter #holidaymood
Sunday morning treats with Chai Latte and bright blue pottery. ☕⭕ What colour cup do you have?
#pottery #cupsandsaucers
New Cafe in Brum and I thought I'd indulge in this set - Coffee Splitter inc espresso, cold brew and flat white
#despresso #coffeeporn