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We found the first deserving The Helpful Hunt winner! Check out the amazing story of selflessness that led to a surprise new Civic. Alyssa goes to school up North and doesn’t have a car to go back and forth regularly to visit the Bonifassi family and hers. Who’s gonna be next?
What has four wheels, is reliable & stylish, and could be totally free for one of your loved ones? Hint: It’s also one of the answers in our The Helpful Hunt.
Never too early to get a head start on your Spring cleaning! I mean, technically it would be Winter Cleaning, but you know what we mean.
If you find all the clues at, you can nominate someone deserving for a chance to get a free Civic. Here’s a hint: We’re getting great reviews. Are you playing?
#HelpfulTip: Not getting your daily eight? Try eating one of these foods to get more zzz’s.
Would you answer a random blue phone in the middle of campus? These college students did. See what happened!
Roses are red. Helpful is blue. We’re handing out roses, maybe to you! Keep an eye out for us around SoCal today and post if you get a rose.
When handling and playing records, hold the disk by the outer edge and label to avoid surface damage. You’re welcome, hipsters.
Need a hint to find all the clues for our #TheHelpfulHunt? Here it is: Slow and steady wins the hunt. Solve the clues at
Where our Sherlocks at? Go to and solve the clues and you could nominate someone deserving for chance to win a free Civic!
Have you figured out all the clues to our Helpful Hunt? Look closely and you could find them! Hint: We’ve got your back.