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Slovenia among TOP 5 world most eco-friendly countries by Environmental Performance Index (EPI), produced by the Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy for the 2016. 💚🍀👍
📷 of the Tolmin Gorges by @davidebandelli  #socavalley #tolmingorge
Enjoying that view in couples is even better 💚😊❤️
📷 by Teja Šket Jug #socavalley #paragliding
Huffington Post about reasons why Slovenia is the greatest place you've never visited.....
"Slovenia may not be high on the bucket list of the average traveler, but it should be. This treasure trove of forests, lakes, mountains and precious little towns offers more charm than many major European destinations, with fewer crowds to get in the way. 
That may be changing: Slovenia is gaining recognition as the homeland of first lady Melania Trump. Last year, this country of 2 million residents saw a 10 percent increase in overnight stays from Americans compared to 2015, the Associated Press notes."
Among 10 reasons why you should visit Slovenia is also this image of the Soča River 💚🌊💙
📷 feegurative speech via getty immages by @huffingtonpost #socavalley #socariver
Mirrors of the Soča Valley ... 🌊🌲☁️ 📷 by @thechubbytwo #socavalley #socariver
One of the images of the Soča Valley from SNAPP guide - simple way to discover incredible new places to photograph. All images of Soča Valley are made by @lukaesenko 👏🙏 On the photo Možnica River #socavalley
Soča Valley is a destination with the best natural conditions and by far with the most diverse selection of outdoor sports activities in Slovenia. At least 30 different activities can be done in the range of 30 km - from skiing to water sports, biking, hiking, zipline, fly fishing, paragliding...all in this beautiful scenery 🌊🏔💚 📷 by @alpe_sport #socavalley
In the Yellow ... Through the Blue / Skozi modrino z rumeno lupino 😊💦🚣
📷 by Vlado Podgornik #socavalley
Sotočje (confluence of Soča and Tolminka rivers) is among top beaches in the Soča Valley. In summertime a paradise for many visitors of music festivals ⛱🌊🌞
📷 Arijela Kelher Seljak #socavalley
The Solkan Bridge is a 219.7-metre arch bridge over the Soča River near Nova Gorica in western Slovenia. With an arch span of 85 metres, it is the longest stone bridge among train bridges built of stone blocks in the world 💪🇸🇮💙
📷 by @benosaradzic #socavalley
United Colors of Soča Valley. There is no river like Soča River 😊💚🌊 📷 by @mountainpearls #socavalley #socariver
“Nothing is permanently perfect. But there are perfect moments and the will to choose what will bring about more perfect moments.” (Mary Balogh, Simply Perfect) 🌞🌄🏔Sunrise on Mt. Triglav by @madonch 🙏 #socavalley
Jungle? Well... ☺️ Wilderness of Soča Valley has many faces 😀 💚🍀Vrsnik in Triglav National Park by @dan.briski 🙏 #socavalley