Soča Valley, Slovenia

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Winter blue! 💙🔝💙 📸 Thanks @i99ycamphotography for this amazing shot of #socavalley 👍
No snow, no problem! Hiking is always an option in (and above) #socavalley ⛰🧗‍♀️🚶‍♀️🏞️ 📸Thanks @allaperto for your amazing shots!
Happy new year from #socavalley 🥂
📸Photo by: @smaom
#magical 2018 deserves #magical goodbye with #magical Virje Waterfall! 😍💚
📸Photo reposted from @renemerlin_ 👍
We wish you a Merry Christmas, 🎅
We wish you a Merry Christmas, 🎅
We wish you a Merry Christmas, 🎅
and a happy New Year! 🥂
. 📸Thanks @your_passage for this nice shot of #socavalley 👍
They say that difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. Where will the road lead you in 2019? 🚗🏔🌲
Thank you @christianschlueter91 for sharing your photo with @socavalley
Winter ❄️ or Summer ☀️? It doesn’t matter.. Soča will amaze you any time of the year.. 💙
Thanks @your_passport for sharing this beautiful photo with @socavalley
Magic views in the Soča Valley 💎❄️
Thanks @malteheitmueller for this amazing shot of #socavalley 🙏
Today is #internationalmountainday! 🏔  Mountains are beautiful as they rise up above the clouds and show just how grand the world can be 🗺 
Which mountain in the Soča Valley are you planning to climb next? 💪 📷 by Vasja Bocko, archive Turizem Dolina Soče
Crystal clear water in any time of the year! 💙
🏞️Soča or Tolminka? 💦
📸Thank you @sandramojstrovic for sharing you photo with @socavalley 👍
@kanin_sellanevea is opening it's season tomorrow! 🎿🏂❄
Enjoy views like this! 😍 #socavalley
Scene from a horror movie👻 or a place of peace✌ and serenity🌲?
📷Thank you @dejankravanja for the photo! 👍