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We rounded up the top 5 free tools from Socialbakers in our latest blog! Click a direct link in bio and get access to tools that won窶冲 cost you anything, but will allow you to:

1. Calculate the Cost of #FacebookAds.

2. See Where You Stand on Facebook Relative to Competitors.

3. See Which Posts Get the Most Interactions on #SocialMedia.

4. Discover the Quality of Your Facebook Posts.

5. Get an Overview of Your Instagram Performance. 
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#FacebookVideos have an edge over other content formats - they are more effective in reaching and engaging audiences compared to photos or links and allow to provide an immersive experience to fans. According to Facebook窶冱 latest study, 45% of users intent to watch even more videos in the future. 汨解汨解汨丑ow is the perfect time to build a solid Facebook video strategy that can tap into all the benefits video has to offer! 沒咾heck our comprehensive guide on how to fit videos into your overall strategy and build great content in diverse video formats (native, Live, 360). Click a direct link in bio! #smm #socialmediamarketing #digitalmarketing #socialmediastrategy #socialmediatips 
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Holidays on social media always generate a lot of buzz - but it窶冱 safe to say that #ValentinesDay is what really gets the love going. We used the #socialmedia science to find out which brands are the most dateable! 沽坂擘ク修lick a direct link in bio to find out which brand would be your ideal Valentine窶冱 date! 沽 #Valentines2018 #socialmediadata #fashionmarketing #brandmarketing
We have less than 30 tickets left for our #EngageBali social media conference! Hurry up to join the fun!

See how organizations like the World Wildlife Fund, Canon, Tinkle, and StyleHaul - one of the world窶冱 largest influencer agencies - are embracing new content formats, utilizing user-generated content and working with influencers to spark meaningful conversations.

Learn from IPG and Luxury Escapes about how to use data to build effective campaigns, the right KPIs to measure and deliver against your goals, generate #socialmedia ROI, and which cutting-edge solutions you won窶冲 be able to live without in 2018.

Click a direct link in bio to know more!
While everyone is stressing out because of Facebook News Feed Armageddon, you might be doing better than ever with more Live broadcasts! 笞。ク什ep, Facebook Live maximizes your Organic Reach (we checked). Jump to our newest blog to see the data and discover why it窶冱 worth to live stream on Facebook. #smm #socialmediamarketing #digitalmarketing #socialmediastrategy #socialmediatips 
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Socialbakers #DreamTeam in one picture 洟ゥ This week we are kicking off 2018 with an amazing get-together in Socialbakers HQ, ready to rock it in the coming year 沁ク沁 #insidebakers
#INFOGRAPHIC: click a direct link in bio to see cool #socialmedia stats on the 2018 #SuperBowl! Discover why Patriots stole the show on social, what are the top performing Social Bowl ads, and why Justin Timberlake窶冱 halftime show fired the conversation on Twitter. #smm
Last Tuesday, Donald Trump gave his first State of the Union Address. The speech was not only broadcasted on television networks across America but was also streamed Live on Facebook. Using Live video analytics we were able to get a detailed look into audience interactions and the results are telling. 汞コ汞ク沁僂lick a direct link in bio and find out how Facebook audiences interacted with the historical moment in real-time!
The most highly anticipated #socialmedia conference of the year is coming back to Bali! Socialbakers窶 #EngageBali is March 1 - 2, and we can窶冲 wait to transform the island into an international marketing hub. And we窶囘 hate for you to miss it窶ヲhere窶冱 why.

We are bringing influencers, workshops, and experts to teach you what you can窶冲 learn anywhere else (definitely not by sitting at your desk! 沽). Get exclusive insights, practical tips and so much more, from the world窶冱 most iconic brands. The hottest topics in social media marketing today are going to be discussed by social media rockstars like @xiaxue, @marketoonist, and brands like the @wwf,  @lazada_id, and @starhub.

Did we mention that it窶冱 all going to be taking place at the @grandhyattbali luxury hotel - just steps away from the breathtaking Nusa Dua Beach? Click a direct link in bio to know more!
Instagram's potential remains largely untapped by media companies. While brands enjoy more engagement on Instagram than on Facebook, media companies still receive roughly 4x fewer interactions on the platform.

But this trend can easily be reversed. 沒イWith a simple Instagram trick media can nearly double their interactions! Intrigued? Check our new blog post via direct link in bio! #smm #socialmediamarketing #digitalmarketing #socialmediastrategy #socialmediatips 
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Fashion and beauty industries are the two most-engaging on Instagram, and they have both put influencer content center stage. Our new data shows that 66% of all content from the 100 biggest beauty brands on Instagram mention another user, and that窶冱 49% for fashion brands, respectively.

Moreover, #MicroInfluencers play a much bigger role than celebrities in strengthening brands on Instagram. 75% of all influencers mentioned by beauty brands are micro-influencers, for fashion brands that's 70%. Get more data and #InfluencerMarketing tips in our newest blog - direct link's in bio!  #smm #socialmediamarketing #digitalmarketing #socialmediastrategy #socialmediatips 
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As companies increase spending on #socialmedia advertising, marketers face growing pressure to prove the return of that investment. But what's even more challenging is determining how good your #socialmediaROI is relative to your business. We explain how to do this in our latest blog post! Click a direct link in bio to learn a formula you can use to calculate your social ROI and how to evaluate it in the context of your market.