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One week✨
“Manhattan will do that to a girl. You’ll be happy to know, it never wears off” -BW 👑
It's official! I'm moving to Dallas in 2 weeks to start an amazing internship!! I'm excited, nervous, and happy at the same time! Thank you to everyone who supports me and my work! I love you all 💖✨ drawing by @caddycornerdesigns
Always in the Dallas area for 24 hrs. At least I know where to have good food 😛
For the first time in months I don't have a trip planned or booked. I need to change that asap! ✈️ #wheretonext?
I miss it all ✨ #italiandays
you're a regular decorated emergency
@meredith_erikson said it was a cloudy day which meant it was a good photoshoot day. I taught her well 📸✨
Realllyyyy missing Vegas and @meredith_erikson. At least I'll see one of them this week 🐝✨
Wander often. Wander always. 🗺
Lindo México ✨🇲🇽