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honored to have been on that stage with you @alanwalkermusic. it felt like flying. thank you from the bottom of my heart.
to each and every single 10 Million of you. I love you forever. from the bottom of my heart, thank you for being on this ride with me. here's to more moments like this.
the moment I played coachella. like something out of my dreams.
This is Nellie. She is 8 years old. She is a hero who is spreading awareness on kidney disease, while she herself is fighting the disease. We laughed and smiled and danced and sung and I didn't want to let her go. Please help Nellie spread awareness of these diseases. Thank you @selenagomez and @wemovement for introducing us. You forever have a friend in me Nellie. @mamamainor
happyy birthdayy my kenny💙 
my evie blue heart is yours forever and ever. thank you infinitely. can't wait to see you so so soon. @kennyortegablog
the first song I ever released has over 100 million views. 
sharing music with the world is like sharing a piece of your heart. 
thank you for embracing my heart. thank you for singing my songs. 
#loveisthename #100million 
@rokstoneprod @hannahluxdavis
You are, simply, my everything. 
Happy Birthday Mami, I love you with my whole heart💕 @lauracharcarson
to my woman crush every day, my sister. I love you. @paudachar
uh huh honey
"every girl needs to know she is unstoppable...inspiring girls to chase their dreams is the most important thing I could ever do" 
Thank you @lefairmag 💕 #springissue #covergirl
love working with @samsungmobileusa #withgalaxy 🖤
tokyo you rocked my world
@popspringfest #popspring 🖤