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I dont know what is going on here.
#tbt #Barranquilla #the80’s sweet 16😂😂😂
Me every time I’m on my computer 😬😫😂 !!! 6 more days until @abcmodernfam !! ❤️
I DO have all the answers!!! 💃🤪💋 one week to go until the premiere of @abcmodernfam !!!
9 days until your favorite family is back!!! 💋💕💋#modernfamily
@yoyiluque @marianellap  q bueno q les gusto! Pa q esten protejidas de las malas lenguas😂😂😂 @palosantogarden @margieheilbron #hechoenB/quilla😍😍
Set visit!😍😍 #nieces #Gia #Marin❤️❤️
10 DAYS until the @abcmodernfam premiere!! 💃 Who is excited!?!
Stop with the staring !!! @baguettegonzalez 🥓🍗
Never date @joemanganiello it ruins all other men forever. 😉 And never get Hulu, it will ruin TV forever! #BetterRuinsEverything
Happy bday to my hijito❤️ que lo cumplas muy feliz🎂