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Mr Dustin Travis White & (the) Soft Focus Rock Music Band and Singing Group / Marfa, TX / Los Angeles, CA / Chemical Valley, WV / Luxury Products, USA


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Still doing the same dumb shit. This time in Olympia... last week.
These two motberfuckers generate a lot of heat and have scorched the board, but haven’t fried. So I found what the smell was, but do I bother to replace them preemptively?! Trying to get all my shit in tip-top form before new shit starts proper.
“Home recording setup”
En route to Olympia for a “rock music performance” and “personal appearance”.
#tbt Sundown at SXSW 100% melted and faded by a dumpster with “spring break” scrawled on it. I swear that fog wasn’t in front of us when the photo was taken. You can barely see @vugarakas cuz that fog is trying to consume him. I’m not even sure who took this photo (maybe @tessamorrison).
Been working on that Tone™. Got that Tommy Keene thing happening. Both amps on. Turn yr speaker on.
A Lit sticker on a cart at a Suncoast at a mall that has obviously been there since they were their own worst enemy.
You dropped something...
JC-50. Holy fuck.
I just sold this cassette on eBay for $75. The world we live in is fucked up.
I made a “meme” y’all. I think this is no2. Enjoy.