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Mr Dustin Travis White & (the) Soft Focus Rock Music Band and Singing Group / Marfa, TX / Los Angeles, CA / Chemical Valley, WV / Luxury Products, USA


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Watching the eclipse from thrift store parking lots cuz y'know I'm trying to live my best life. Shoutout to the nice ladies of red white and blue who let me use their glasses to catch a glimpse. #nobodyisatthebins
Mexico City.
For the kids.
Found this impossibly rare cassette this morning. I can't even find one for sale/sold on the internet. Just the CD version hovering around $60.
I spent last week in Mexico City doing all sorts of sick shit I haven't seen/done before in the name of celebrating the birth of the total mega babe (and unrelenting weirdo) that is @crystal_visions
On top of a pyramid y'all.
Things are a little different down here. @crystal_visions
I BOUGHT THIS! #bootlegbartsimpson in Mexico City. $3usd. #blessed