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Mr Dustin Travis White & (the) Soft Focus Rock Music Band and Singing Group / Marfa, TX / Los Angeles, CA / Chemical Valley, WV / Luxury Products, USA


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All Gibb. All the time.
Becker Europa Cassette.
Cool fix. Thanks whoever did this "tape it and forget it" job.
Already full of shit.
I know it's a terrible picture. What's important is I went and saw City Of Caterpillar by myself last night. They don't do the bit with the giant garbage can full of glass anymore, but they still were amazing. Lots of weird feelings seeing a band from 15 years ago that you used to play shows with play a packed reunion show on the other side of the country. I remember first meeting some of these dudes originally at MacRock in y2k at that big deal Engine Down show where they basically played that 2nd LP in entirety before it came out and blew everybody's mind. My roots are showing over here, but nobody reads this shit anyway so I'm just rambling to myself... which is fairly normal.
Probably the best format for enjoying this masterpiece. Ideally on the highway in the tape deck of a vehicle made a minimum of 5 years before its 1987 release.