Seth Itzkan
@Soil4Climate stands with #WorldSoilDay
With Charlotte Kahn
Logo concept. 2015.
With Jessie McDougall, Studio Hill Farm.
With Hunter Lovins at MIT, group photo.
With Hunter Lovins at MIT
Here's someone I love. With Allan Savory
Of course Allan Savory has been right all along. #Hoofs of  #grazers are essential in breaking capped soil and gettings seeds to take hold and #germinate in the depressions where moisture can also pool. I discovered this efficacy recently on my own property when grass started to grow almost selectively in the depression of footprints in what had been a recently cleared dirt mound. Now think of all the barren landscapes around the world that are waiting for similar footprints. It's obvious. Grazers don't cause #desertification. They #reverse it. Yebo.