Seth Itzkan
Here's someone I love. With Allan Savory
Of course Allan Savory has been right all along. #Hoofs of  #grazers are essential in breaking capped soil and gettings seeds to take hold and #germinate in the depressions where moisture can also pool. I discovered this efficacy recently on my own property when grass started to grow almost selectively in the depression of footprints in what had been a recently cleared dirt mound. Now think of all the barren landscapes around the world that are waiting for similar footprints. It's obvious. Grazers don't cause #desertification. They #reverse it. Yebo.
John Roulac, Nutiva
John Dennis Liu, Ecosystem Restoration Camps.
Standing in the Efficacy
Happy New Year Soil4Climate and Maasai Center for Regenerative Development.
With Bill McKibben and Shari Rose, Cambridge, MA. Nov 8, 2017. @bill.mckibben
Kenya Maasai
At @regenerationinternational and @Ifoam event w @prephiri and @bremleylyngdoh. @cop23bonn #COP23