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Canadian DJ & Producer / Co-owner of @avarecordings . New compilation “Reanimate Music vol. 1” out now!
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Warning: Feels ‼️
Can’t wait for my next travels. Travel tip: stay hydrated 💦
Take a stand ✊ or flop onto the floor like a pancake
Always super cool to have Noire Lee (@pealeaf ) in the studio and I’m so excited about this new song we’re writing.  Extremely talented singer / songwriter and piano player as well. 🔥🎶
Don’t move I’ll be right over 🏎 #trance
In 2 weeks ❤️💫
@sallyohmusic @avarecordings
Who do you turn to for feedback 😂🎶
“Hold a pose like you’re on the cover of a rap album... no you’re doing it wrong”
Unacceptable! 😂
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🔊 Turn the speakers up and get a taste of all 4 Exclusive Tracks on Reanimate Music Compilation Vol. 1 by Somna! 🎵🔥 OUT NOW: ✔️ 
Featuring singles by:
▪️ Somna - Reanimate
▪️ Mark Bester - Samurai
▪️ Anden State - Dogma
▪️ Kukuzenko - Ashes Of My Dreams

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Love hold on to me ❤️🎶
- @armadamusic @armadacaptivating @somnamusic @sheridangrout @mikeschmid
Your “can’t miss” event in 2019 is?