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Don’t call her a vigilante superhero. Jessica Jones is back on Netflix— and she’s also on Sonic Panda! #sonicpandashirts

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Jessica Jones season 2 premiering on Netflix in the next hour or so. Are you guys ready? We know we are. ⚡️🐼 #sonicpandashirts
Would y’all like to see some Infinity War designs? #sonicpandashirts
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2 weeks to go until Black Panther hits theaters! Are you as excited as we are? #sonicpandashirts
Hear ye, hear ye! Our Black Panther designs are now available! Store link in bio. #sonicpandashirts
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A peek at our next design, coming out soon. #sonicpandashirts
2017 was a rollercoaster of a year, but you can be sure it’ll end with a bang because WE’RE HAVING A SALE!!! You can now get any Sonic Panda shirt for just P380. Isn’t that just totally tubular?

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We updated an old #DoctorWho design to include Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteen. Have y’all seen the Christmas special yet?

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One of our favorites @biliusweas wearing our Punisher shirt! Have you finished your Netflix binge yet?
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