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⬇️ A Brandy Cocktail | SippingSista Ep. 8 🥃

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Taxes don’t have to be a drag thanks to @hrblock (& a €00£ calculator) Check out my stories for a lil fun we had with them and the @treasuretruck today 😬 #blockhasyourback #treasuretruck #ad
Another beautiful night in the neighborhood 🥰 hope y’all are having a wonderful week so far ❤️
Feelin' my glow-y bare skin today using @olehenriksen skincare! My favorite daytime product has been the Glow Cycle Retin-Alt Power Serum - this lilac-toned serum targets pores and dark spots while brightening the skin. The #oleglow is real y'all! Check out my stories for more @olehenriksen products I have been loving before it expires!  #ad
Stoked to have attended the third @womensmarch with my mom! She immigrated to North America from Hong Kong in 1972, put herself through college, and built a beautiful life with my dad for my sister and me. I am a proud first generation Chinese-American because of this woman’s hard work and determination. Her passion and activism shaped who I am today and she continues to thrive and demolish every obstacle that comes in her way. There are so many things to fight for right now but also so much to be grateful for. I feel so invigorated from today. I know I can be more active and I vow to be better in 2019. #womensmarch #womensmarchla #mybodymychoice #defenddaca (PS, yes that is the same sign I used last year because, ditto everything from 2018 😒)
The look I give to any man who tests me 2019 ⬇️ #downboy Eyes: @colourpopcosmetics ‘It’s My Pleasure’ Palette • Face: @fentybeauty urrthang • Lips: @patmcgrathreal ‘Bronze Venus’ Lipgloss
Oof those brows tho 😳 #2009vs2019
Lillies are my favorite flower 🥰
It’s easy to eat foods that are tried and true but your girl’s tryna eat/cook her way through the world. First memorable meal of the year was at, an Israeli spot in #silverlake with a charcoal oven. That simple looking dish in the back was hands down in the top 5 potatoes of my life. Great start to 2019! 🥔
How’s your 2019 going? Mine’s going like this. 🥖
Imma post another carousal of 2018 photos but first, these are just some of the photos that made me laugh the most this year - whether it be while it was happening or after the the fact. Some of these you may have seen and there’s at least one you definitely have not 🙂 Even though 2018 wasn’t the greatest, I can’t say I didn’t have a good time ❤️ [EDIT: TBH these are the photos I really want to remember 2018 by. 2019 let’s get it.]
Happy holidays to you and yours! I hope y’all are thriving, spending time with people you love, and eatin’ good! 💋
These are a few of my favorite th...oughtful, intelligent, & damn sexy women 📸 @emilynnrose