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Happy weekend, everyone. Hope you find some adventure in it 🧳 #fridayfeeling
Can’t recommend this new anti-ageing cream enough. #maybeshesbornwithitmaybeitssnapchat
It’s complicated... Happy Father’s day!! Anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad. 💫 #fathersday #outlander
I love this 💙 one bracelet, one pound of trash removed from the ocean @4ocean 🌊 #pullyourpoundtoday 🌎 #ocean
“Once you have tasted the taste of sky, you will forever look up.” _ Leonardo da Vinci
What happens if I touch this stone???? 🤔🤫such a fun time visiting the @Starz crew. Best team ever!! @outlander_starz #Outlander
@Starz #FYC Panel #Outlander
Fraser fun 🤓Thank you to everyone involved in the @Starz #FYC event and for those who showed up to hear what we have to say about our characters and the wonderful show that is #Outlander 🙏🏼
Happy #WorldOutlanderDay everybody!!! Thank you for your astonishing and continued support and for loving these characters as much as we do. 🙏🏼 #fanart Posted @withrepost • @ela_jueu Pq pq amo tanto vem logo 5 Temporadas @caitrionabalfe @outlander_starz  @sophie.skelton
☕️☁️💻 Settling down with a little #FieryCross @diana_gabaldon 📖 and wishing everyone in the US a very peaceful #memorialday and a very happy #Monday to the rest of the world. Ohhh and if your day needs cheering up then, FYI, #Outlander Seasons 1&2 are now available on @Netflix !! Sooo have a #duvetday and a dram on us! 🥃 xx
Night, night... shoots #Outlander