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Richard Rankin's Reels, number 3: Bridges

And to accompany his beautiful photos I have added some beautiful, highly philosophical words in the Richard-esque style of those on his instagram posts: "A view of a bridge, from a bridge, is a bridge. But to view upon a bridge is not always to see... a bridge. A bridge is always a bridge but if a bridge is a bridge, are we? And, if we are, how many teaspoons are there in a small apple?" -

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If you would like to further intellectually and spiritually challenge your mind, then please see @rikrankin 's instagram page for more thought-provoking and life-changing gibberish.

And please accept my sincere apologies for the precious minutes of your life you will have wasted and never be able to get back by reading them. #Enjoy !
Photo no.2 of the Richard Rankin Reels : Denim edition.

#IfLordJohnandBriannastartedaband 😎

Ps. See the original photograph on @rikrankin 's instagram
Photo courtesy of a certain Richard Rankin. Richard's instagram is far too sophisticated for these so... I'm posting them instead. Unfortunately I can't take the credit for them though. They are really rather good ! So... To help you amazing fans through the final days of #Droughtlander , I'm going to post one of his pics a week from now until the Season 4 air date on November 4th . Sorry we can't give you more #Outlander related stuff until then but hope you enjoy these anyhow! And, in the meantime, you can check him out at @rikrankin for some more of his amazing work... (disclaimer: amazing is an ambiguous word and art is highly subjective so I take no responsibilty for, and I apologise profusely in advance for, when you are inevitably disappointed by his instagram photos. - Unless, of course, you happen to have a fascination for knees... or polo mints... in which case, great! it'll be just your thing)
The new world is coming. Let the countdown begin!! #Outlander #Season4 #Fridayfeeling
It was wonderful meeting you all at #Highlanders 3 this weekend. Thank you all for travelling so far and wide to see us! Your support is overwhelming. It's always so touching to hear your stories and see how the show reaches each of you and helps some of you through hard times. I am about to read some of your letters and beautiful scrap books that you have so thoughtfully spent careful time writing and making. It's extremely humbling and we are extremely grateful and lucky to have you. From the bottom of our hearts - thank you. Safe travels home and hope to see you soon. #Outlander #bestfans 🙏 #weloveyou ♥️
Reunion of the rabble. #Outlander -

Ps. This pose was requested by a fan and we are there for the fans so please don't be offended by it. 😘
#Repost @nell.hudson
These gals getting me through the weekend 💘Marsali, Brianna, Mrs Fitz & Laoghaire 💘 
#ladiesofoutlander @outlander_starz #outlander
Photo from last year's #SDCC . Shame not to be heading there this year but see you all in the big 🍎instead ! - @nycomiccon here we come !! (@SamHeughan , you were only there via Skype that day so I took the liberty of drawing you in. Uncanny resemblance, right?! #you'rewelcome)
Thank you both for such a lovely evening x

#Outlander crew

#Repost @chrisparnell73
Dinner with Annie at @roserabbitlie with Caitriona, Graham, and Sophie from Outlander. Love this cast and so proud of the show.
Congratulations to our amazing costume department!! Such hard work goes into these costumes and this is such well-deserved recognition. Well done. And also, thank you - your work helps us bring our characters to life. What you do goes even further than what you see. 🙏 @outlander_starz
It's not coming home #England #Worldcup