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“stay soft.
it looks beautiful on you.”
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I’ve been sketching a lot lately (this is stabilo, posca marker in black, watercolor and oil pastels) and remembering how much I love drawing! Especially in #mixedmedia 
I’ve been feeling so stuck in my work lately...largely due to things being chaotic over here. A large part of our home is all packed up and in storage...even my studio. Yikes!!!! Didn’t we *just* do this?? Why yes...yes we did🥴 Everything is down to bare bones so I’m going to view this as an opportunity to get super creative.
And I’ve been journaling a ton, reading and taking long walks with Maxi. Truthfully...there’s so much beauty around me but I don’t want to venture too much off the beaten path cause of snakes!!! they hibernate in the winter???? #drawing #sketching #mixedmediadrawing #sorayanulliah #sorayanulliahart
A sweet little corner of my studio!! Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved having fresh flowers in my space. Do I have faves? Sure! Roses, peonies and wildflowers. But I love em all! Well, ever since my girl was diagnosed with allergies, we can’t have any at home. No plants either (mold) this tiny one is fake. Maybe she’ll outgrow it or maybe not but in the meantime I’ve surrounded myself with all sorts of flowery this and that...throws, teacups, clothing...whatever. I don’t even care if I look like a walking garden! Actually...all the better!!! It brings me joy...fills me up. #artiststudio #soulmedicine #sorayanulliahartstudio
Sunday walks with Mr Maxi...crunching leaves and taking it all in. Feels so good to get out my boots, scarves and gloves. Fall may be here (leaves shedding) but the grass is still green and lots of flowers are in full bloom. #sundayvibe #soulmedicine #carolinas
I gifted myself these compassion cards by #pemachodron and it *truly* feels like a precious infinite gift.
Most days I get overwhelmed by the sheer weight and magnitude of world events. On the one hand there are periods where I have to tune it all out merely to function. But on the other hand it feels cowardly and selfish to completely disengage. It’s a balance, then, to figure out how to serve my life and all I love (myself, my family, my art etc) while serving the larger collective. It’s something I strive to do especially as I get older.
These cards feel like a simple way for me to build peace, compassion and kindness within myself that I can then seed in the outer marriage and friendships too but also out in the world with everyone I come into contact with. Sometimes the simplest things can be the most powerful. I am profoundly grateful. #soulmedicine #zen #peacewarrior
Morning friends!!! I’ve been busy rearranging my studio (again!!) I needed more light so I decided to move a table over to the window. I have these gorgeous cathedral ceilings in my studio, which is stunning to look at but not very practical because no matter what I do, I couldn’t get good lighting. I’m hoping this is going to work! #artstudio #homeartstudio #sorayanulliahartstudio
The spectacular tree outside my studio has shed its leaves, it’s cooling down and we’re heading into the weekend like...
Also...ain’t Maxi just gorgeous????
Happy Friday 🐶
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Okay you guys...I’ve officially gathered myself up from election night.
First the bad...I am heartbroken, just heartbroken, that #Beto didn’t win. My God!!! I listened to his rallies and he is kind, intelligent, quirky and honest. When I listened to him I wanted to move to Texas just so I could vote for him!! Seriously crushed  by this loss. 
And then Gulluim in Florida ...ugh!!! This one hurts so bad. I knew nothing about the man but then I heard him speak...what a brilliant bright light he is. He advocated for the earth, for teachers...he spoke against hate and divisiveness...he’s the real deal. He reminds me of a young Mandela...fiery,fair, kind... a person you know in your bones you can trust. Sob!
And, am I furious about the blatant voter suppression going on down there. How is Kemp even allowed to be the Secretary of State (in charge of voting) while running for Governor???? Why is this not a major news story??? Are we a democracy or not???? Holding out hope for Abrams. It’s not over yet. for the great news...we took back the House!!!! This is so freaking huge I could cry. Hello accountability!!! Hello representation! Plus...over 100 progressive women elected to office!!!!!! More happy ugly crying. Also...highest youth voter turnout ever!!!! The young people will save us...they shouldn’t have to but they will. So folks...we continue being engaged, speaking out and standing up for what’s right. “We stand on the shoulders of giants.” #johnlewis #midtermelections
I’m not going to lie, friends...I’ve been a raving lunatic the entire day. I started painting but couldn’t. I took Maxi for a walk and burst into tears. I tried cooking and burned everything.
But then this happened in real time...a rainbow over the U.S. capitol!!! I’m going to take this as a sign from the Universe. “Rest easy,we got this” so...I’m cautiously optimistic. No matter the outcome, the work continues but we desperately need a functioning government. For *all* citizens. Deep breaths and fingers crossed.
#soulmedicine #midtermelections #theworldiswatching
Tim and I early voted last week and it made my heart sing to see the lines full of people waiting to exercise their fundamental right. I saw really old people,some struggling with obvious health problems, determined and stoic. I saw hurried moms squeezing in between times to cast their vote. And I saw young people,who tend to be cast as apathetic, showing up & showing out. It made me so proud. 
So get out there, folks. You may not like everyone on the ballot, they may not be inspiring or charismatic. You may not even agree with all of their positions. Go vote anyway. I promise’s truly empowering and badass! These elections are the most important of our lifetimes. know what to do America!! We can do this🇱🇷
#govote #iamavoter #midtermelections2018
Working in my #artjournal this morning. Adding layers and listening to some of my fave podcasts for inspiration. It’s cool and rainy so it feels good to be holed up in my studio. Happy creating, friends 💕
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