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Hi much has happened since I’ve last posted on here...
*we finally moved into our new home!!!! Yay!!! What a relief! A crap load of work but a great sense of ease nonetheless.
* Tara started school (grade 5!!!) WOW!!! How time flies. I mean...I simply can’t believe how grown up she is😍
*i threw out my lower back this past Monday (moving a piece of furniture) and I’ve been taking muscle relaxers and snoozing. It’s *so* utterly frustrating when I have so much to do...ugh. But I’m on the mend and grateful.

Things I’m looking forward to...
*discovering the hiking trails close to our new home
*setting up my studio space and getting my hands all dirty again
*Autumn!!! It’s been so scorching hot here I can’t wait for things to cool down
* going back to eating vegan. Honestly...with all the upheaval of the past 6 months, I reverted to meat/dairy etc. And I feel so blah & bloated 😩
* getting back to basics & routines ♥️
I spent a couple of hours at this freakin gorgeous used bookstore this afternoon... @verbatim.books in the heart of #sandiego 
You can totally tell that whoever created it *LOVES* books...tons of art, cosy corners to settle down & curl up with a book, a gorgeous chandelier...soft comfy chairs and sooooooo many books. All organized ...literature, short stories, art, decor, travel, poetry, non fiction....on & on. Swoon 😍
Friends...if you’re in this part of the world...we’ll worth the visit... 3793 30th Street/San Diego 😍
#usedbooks #bookworm #booklover #verbatimbookstore #soulmedicine
So we decided to take an impromptu road trip...completely on the fly! Just to get have some family time, down time and truly relax before school begins and we move into our new home. Because then it’s going to be routines, work and early mornings.
This trip has been so different from any of our other ones because it’s 100% set plans/routes/destinations. And it’s been a gift...a huge breath of fresh air & no stress. 
I’ve completely let all worries go...poof!!! Nothing but reading, walks on the beach, swimming, singing in the car, exploring & making memories😍
Greetings & good wishes from over here♥️🌈🌸
#roadtrip #notesfromthejourney #selfcare #gratitude #ramblings
Hi from over here, friends!!
We’re in this in between waiting phase of purchasing a home...all the inspections/appraisals etc etc.
In the meantime I’m seeking inspiration for all things home related. Thank goodness for Pinterest...I’ve been obsessing over colors for the past week😂
But the truth is, while I’m enjoying this down time, I’m also seriously antsy to get started already!!!
I totally fell off my vegan diet 😭and I’ve been feeling bloated & sluggish & blah. I can’t wait to get back to delish plant based foods! I can’t wait to get back to routines. I can’t wait to set up my studio and start painting again. As I get older, I *cherish* home and familiarity. I my twenties I was a full on gypsy/vagabond and I loathed the idea of being in one place for too long. For me...a lot had to do with getting married & having a baby ...but also actively beginning recovery & healing. Once I began addressing all the brokenness inside of me, the need to keep on moving abated and then stopped altogether. Life keeps on surprising me!!!
#ramblings #notesfromthejourney #newbeginnings
I’ve been listening to #thelatebloomer by #drclarissapinkilaestes and her wisdom is seeping into my #artjournal pages. 
I am a late bloomer!!
I just turned 50 at the start of this year and, with each month, I feel a coming into my own. A shedding of things that don’t fit anyone, an embracing of who & what I want in my life, an architecture of my *SELF* as I dream up. 
Dr Estes talks about the many different reasons why a person may be a late bloomer & in her explanations shame& embarrassment...(regrets, self sabotage, blame etc) all just fall away. 
We are *exactly* on the path we are meant to be on (detours, dead ends, wrong maps included). It *all* brings us to this very moment, this exact person that we are...and *that* my friends, is the magic & the mystery. 
*My #artjournal pages inspired & ushered in by @amandajgrace #RAW(e) class has been a joy and an adventure. I am loving them😍
#mixedmediaart #mixedmedia #artjournaling #soulmedicine #RAW(e)
Yay!!! Hi there friends...we found a home!!!
After this entire year of turmoil, uncertainty & hard work...we finally have a soft place to land.
Honestly, I loathe house hunting! We saw so many homes and I just couldn’t get excited about any of them. But then we walked into this home and we *all* just knew it was the one!
This is the view from what will soon be my studio...dancing trees in the sunlight. Swoon. There’s tons of windows & gorgeous there’s a fireplace in my studio!!!!! Yikes!!! I’m grateful beyond measure 🥰
So I’ve been busy scouring Facebook Marketplace, vintage/thrift stores, Craigslist etc for a few things I need (a desk for my studio, some bookshelves, a couch for my soon to be library). And I’ve been searching Pinterest, home decor mags etc for inspiration. I’m thinking about paint colors (blues & grays keep on showing up for my studio)...Tara’s going with purples & whites and we’re thinking Robins Egg blue for the kitchen.
Enjoying this (relatively) peaceful time before the real work of moving/unpacking begins.  We’ve worked so hard for this heart is filled with joy; I’m cocooned in an indestructible bubble of happiness ❤️
#newbeginnings #grateful
“Whatever it is that you love that lifts your heart & at once causes you to wonder, to doubt, to be challenged so that you come to unknowing...go there. Don’t wait. Do it everyday. Make the time. And then make yourself a gift to others.” -unknown 
I came across this quote the other day & it struck the very heart of me. The sense of urgency, practicality and poetic wisdom spoke to my mamma heart, my artist heart, my seeker heart, my lovers heart, my wisdom heart.
This is it right here, friends. 
#mixedmedia #mixedmediaart #artjournal #artjournaling #makersgonnamake #soulmedicine #artistsoninstagram
This is the little makeshift reading/journaling nook I made in our *tiny* rental. It’s actually Tara’s sofa bed! Living in such small quarters has taught us to have multiple uses for everything 😂 
Life has been highly scheduled & chaotic over here😩 Super early morning walks with Maxi and then off to see houses until we drop!!! After awhile they all kind of blend together and I can’t remember anything!!! Ugh!!!
So this little spot is my sanity saver...where I can read, journal, drink tea & listen to the running creek which is both a joy & a luxury. Thank you sweet little reading nook corner...I heart you so much❤️
#itsthelittlethings #soulmedicine #transitions
I’ve set up a tiny studio on a table in our (tiny) temporary rental...I have a few sketchbooks/art journals, some cheapie paints, a few inks, maybe 5 paintbrushes, a stabilo pencil, scissors & watercolors. That’s it! Oh!! And tea. Always...tea😂
House hunting is egggggsaaaaawsting!!! We’re taking a couple of days off because all the different homes are starting to meld together & are haunting me in my dreams😩🤯👀
#mixedmedia #mixedmediaart #artjournaling #artjournal #studiospace #soulmedicine #artstudiointinyspaces
Art journaling is saving me right now!!! #mixedmedia #mixedmediaart #artjournal #artjournalng #RAW(e) #soulmedicine
And this is our teeny tiny furnished rental that we’re living in while we house hunt. Did I mention that it’s *tiny*???
There’s a creek that runs right outside our back windows and I’ve already grown accustomed to the rhythmic sound of running water. It’s so soothing & somehow, reassuring. There’s a queen sized bed, a (single) sofa bed, a kitchenette & a bathroom. That’s pretty much the whole entire thing👀
I did manage to turn a teeny table into my temporary art studio though😂
There are gorgeous lights on the front porch and tons of greenery.’s dead center of a historic neighborhood. Our walks have been all kinds of amazing. Some of the houses around here are over 200 years old!! Very eclectic & artsy; every turn is a new discovery. Can’t wait to post some pics! 
#newbeginnings #coloradobeautiful
Friends...we’re back to real life after a couple of weeks up in the mountains. I feel refreshed, recharged and ready to go! I hadn’t realized just how difficult this past year has been until I was able to step back from everything and have an aerial view. Phew!!!
But I’ve been able to get back to basics...long walks under all types of skies, trees& flowers& birds giving me love and life. Journaling, arting, quality time with my family...reading and stargazing. Great food...dreams & plans and such. 
Now we’re all nestled in our short term furnished rental where we can begin house hunting (starting ASAP). Truly...I’m *not* looking forward to that part😩 But I am eager to find our new home & get settled. 
#coloradobeautiful #soulmedicine #lifearoundhere