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A very cozy Sunday reading through some of my fave #artinstruction books. 
I’ve been down with awful headaches and sniffles these past couple of days...I’m thinking it’s pollen/allergy related. Taking it easy over here, friends...wishing you all a peaceful day also❤️
“Instructions for living a life.
Pay attention.
Be astonished. 
Tell about it.”
It’s impossible for me to pick a favorite Mary Oliver poem because, truthfully, every single one I’ve read has been a favorite at one time or another. 
She has reached into the crooks & cracks of my heart with her soothing balm of poetry and showed me how to heal, how to grieve, how to survive, thrive and be grateful for it all. Her words soothed a part of me untouchable by anyone else. I learned how to gather up my sufferings and name them, cherish them, weave them into my everyday. 
Her poems of nature were, to me, also poems of the human heart. A map that showed us how we can all coexist in empathy, in grace, in love. A map not so much of a destination but of the journey.
In gratitude for your brilliant wide open heart Mary Oliver. Salute!
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The card I picked on my morning walk... GRATITUDE!!! It says to just pick *one* thing you’re grateful for and hold it in your heart.
Today I’m super grateful for time!! As I get older I realize, more than ever, that time is a luxury. I’ve upped my walks to an hour and I find that it elevates my energy. I’m profoundly grateful that I’m not hustling for time right now.
I’ve lived in circumstances where I had to schedule my entire days down to the last half hour! I hated it but I had to do it to fit everything in. And even then it was super difficult/impossible and it would lead to a horrible cycle of burnout/intense activity/burnout. Not a good way for my soul to breathe and be at ease.

What are you grateful for today?
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Hello world!!!
Hello all you makers, creators...weavers and dreamers. How *are* you??
Keep on keeping on. I tell myself this a million times a day (as needed). Sometimes I question the hours I spend in my studio...working in my #artjournal  or on in progress pieces. I’m not selling anything...I closed my shop last year before our move. I have no art exhibition on the horizon (although I would love that at some point). I’m not teaching any classes (been wanting to do this for a long time also).
But here’s the thing...every little bit we create adds to the magic & mystery of the Universe. This gathering of soul and scraps from heart & memory. This making something from nothing. This building of worlds we do through our work. I can’t think of a better way to spend my days.
So here you’ll find me in my little studio, painting and listening to some of my fave audio books (right now it’s the #inthehouseoftheriddlemother by #drclarissapinkolaestes ) ... incubating my dreams.
Happy day, friends!
Hello Monday morning!!!! Gray & gloomy outside so I’m bringing on the color!
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Hi friends!!! We’ve been back home for a week and I unexpectedly fell into a depression. I’m not sure if it’s hormonal, seasonal or just the regular glooms but I decided to stay off social media so as not to spread it around:)
I’ve been going really easy on myself...going for long walks with Maxi, journaling and easing into routines.
I’m spending most of the day in my studio so that’s sure to elevate my energies. 
Wishing you all great ease in your days❤️
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Current view! One of the things I promised myself yesterday (my 50th birthday) is to do 50 #wonderfulthings for myself this year. No matter how tiny, I can surely incorporate & elevate self care into my life in a more conscious way. Who’s with me? #wishiwouldhavedonethissooner #royalgorge #soulmedicine #coloradobeautiful
We’re flying back home in a couple of days and I’m simply enjoying this time in the mountains. This is my fave coffee store!! It has handmade pottery from a local artist #swoon’s super cozy, has the best coffee and the people are so warm & friendly. I’ve spent hours here reading, journaling or just staring out the window taking it all in. I’m going to miss all this. #soulmedicine #mountainlife #coloradobeautiful
Why hello 50!!! You kinda snuck up on me:) Friends...I feel as if there are changes churning beneath the surface just waiting to manifest. Deep breath!!! Fifty years on planet earth. I am profoundly grateful for the journey🙏🏽 #notesfromthejourney #50thbirthday #soulmedicine
“You will learn a lot about yourself if you stretch in the direction of goodness, of kindness, of forgiveness, of emotional bravery. BE A WARRIOR OF LOVE!” #cherylstrayed 
Hi friends! As we stand on the cusp of a fresh New Year, I wish all of us a bounty of grace to carry us through the unforeseen experiences that will come to pass. May we all strive to listen to our inner callings. May we cultivate peace. May our joys take us to new heights and may we not allow our disappointments and heartaches to usher in bitterness. Above all..let us be fully present to our lives in the moments that unfold.❤️And so may it be!!!
See you on the other side!!! #goodbye2018!  #hello2019 #notesfromthejourney #coloradobeautiful
Dear insta community...thank you so much for your support & kindness this past year. It’s been a rough ride for me personally but through it all I am so grateful for you truly seeing me. For witnessing my triumphs & struggles as well as art making (which is what grounded me and kept me sane). These are my best nine posts of the year🙏🏽
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“Lagom. Swedish. Not too little, not too much. Just right.”
I recently came across this word and I’m going to start incorporating it into my everyday life. It’s finding the “just right” spot. Knowing what your body and spirit *really* needs. Being present and noticing our true needs vs desires. A state of flow & equilibrium. Soft. At ease. Organic. Breathe. Aaaaaah...I love the sound of it! Lagom. #zen #zenliving #buddhism #soulmedicine #notesfromthejourney #lagom