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Current situation: last week I thought *4 sure 4 sure 4 sure* I had configured out my studio to my liking. But this morning I woke up and saw an entirely new layout!!! I need to use the middle of my perfectly square room so I'm going to put my painting table there. Which means...moving everything else around also.It will be worth it when it's all done...riiiiighhhhhttttttt???????? #artstudio #artstudioredo #homeartstudio #sorayanulliahartstudio
Oh my heavens!!!! The magnolia tree in our backyard has burst into blooms...and I can't explain how this makes my heart *so* happy. It smells like incense, earth and heady love all mixed into flowery perfection ♡
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Can I just share with you about how much I ache for #artjournalmagic this past month or so?
Can I gush about the wonder and magic of art journaling? How her pages hold my deepest mysteries? How my journals welcome my pieces (without scorn or judgment ), hold them, decipher them... rearrange them into ways I never would have foreseen and then reflect back to me the solutions and pathways I need?
About how these pages are a direct road to my heart and connected to the other worlds of dreams and memories, archetypes, signs + symbols. Does a lady want to be part flower, part bird? No problem! In this realm of endless  possibilities there is a freedom that nourishes our creativity + our spirits ♡
This is the magic of #artjournaling for me, friends. And I'm almost there...getting my heart + hands messy with paint + dreams♡ #mixedmedia #mixedmediaart #artjournal #colorlove #colorstory #colorjoy #sorayanulliah #sorayanulliahart #soulmedicine #elixiroflife #artheals
And...Mr. Maxi is slowly adjusting to our new surroundings. It's not just the heat but the *humidity*!!! So we have a routine now where we go for long walks really early in the mornings and after the sun goes down. During the day he loves to lay on the cool tile in our kitchen, hang out in our backyard or play with his toys + lounge around.  Overall...he's adjusting pretty well and is as sweet and mischievous as ever♡ 
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Early morning hanging out on our back porch and I'm profoundly grateful for this luscious view (this is our backyard, you guys!!! What the what the what?????), the chirping birds, the temperate mornings and so much more.
Did any of you catch the royal wedding yesterday? Swoon♡ I was invited to a 7 a.m. viewing party by my neighbor (she happens to be British!). OMG!!! The dress, the bride, the way they looked at each other, Preacher Curry and his inspiring sermon, freakin Oprah looking gorgeous ...I could go on and on. 
In the midst of *so* much despairing news this side of the pond, I wanted to relish in love, celebration and hope. I was a kid in S Africa when Princess Di got married. I remember watching that also...she would be so proud of her 2 boys. I was blubbering midway through.
In other news, we're making headway in getting things set up. We're in that awkward stage of most times it doesn't yet feel like home. But every so often...when I catch a glance at a familiar teacup, a stack of books...I'm reminded that home is a feeling as much as a place.
Here's to a great Sunday! #ramblings #soulmedicine #grateful
I realize that the only way we're going to get settled into our new home is to break everything down into little projects. Even a tiny space  completed feels like a huge win. 
So...I have these 2 old bookcases that are cheapie (laminate) but huge with adjustable shelves so I wanted to give them a makeover. I applied #zinsser primer (has to be *oil* based in 2 coats, allowing each to dry). This stuff is like magic because it means no sanding!!! Then I picked this stunning blue Cosmic Dust by #valspar and applied 2 coats. Then I applied a wax coat #minwax #polycrylic #protectivefinish and allowed to dry overnight. And voila!!! This morning I'm stacking my books. Also, because I have such high ceilings in my new studio, I'm trying to make the most of the vertical space...stacking books on the very top of my bookshelves also:) #artstudio #artiststudio #homeartstudio #colorlove #colorstory #colorjoy #diy #diyfurnitureredo #sorayanulliah #sorayanulliahartstudio
I've been consciously making time for #selfcare in these hectic days. I've been making time for walks, lighting candles, reading affirmations, appreciating + enjoying the beauty around me and tuning out of the news every so often. I know all too well from experience how easy it is to get burned out (I think we all do). It kinda sneaks up on you and flattens you out. I've learned that slowing down pays dividends in spades. Taking the rest of the day off. Love and hugs ♡ #selfcare #selfcarematters #beyourownbeloved #followyourjoy #soulmedicine #itsthelittlethings #grateful #slowingdown #wellness #slowliving
Yay!!!! A teeny tiny part of my studio is done and I'm *so* happy!!! Gushing over these greens + blues like nobody's biz:) And that pop of fuschia has me swooning into tomorrow ♡ love!!!
P.S. this is an old wooden stand that I freshened up with #valspar #springleaves paint
#artstudio #artiststudio #homeartstudio #colorlove #colorstory #colorjoy #sorayanulliahartstudio
It's been raining on and off all day and it's been awesome to have things cool down a bit. This is on our back porch which is covered...and I *so* appreciate it because we can sit outside while the rain pours down (one of my absolute fave things to do). Maxi keeping me company this afternoon ♡
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I've been trying to get my studio together because I miss creating *so* much...but it's slow going. The order of getting things situated is
first, the kitchen. Then Tara's bedroom because she's been taken away from all thats familiar to her so I want her to feel at home. studio. Sigh.
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I'm painting some of the accent furniture in my studio this gorgeous green right here. It's Spring Leaves by #valspar and I'm swooning at the luscious-ness of it. 
So glad I did a color board for my's super helpful when decorating. Case in point: in my last studio I painted the walls yellow because I fell in love with the color but *nothing* (and I do mean absolutely nothing ) went with it. Later on I wanted to repaint the walls but it was so much work I decided against it. I still loved the yellow of the walls but, in retrospect, should have done my accent pieces in that color instead.
Anyhoo...totally crushing on this green ♡ Happy Monday!! #artstudio #artiststudio #homeartstudio #colorlove #colorstory #colorjoy #colorboard #sorayanulliah #sorayanulliahartstudio
This was my *very* first #mothersday ...Tara was 4 months old! Tim had planned a surprise weekend for us in Baltimore and it was magical. I remember every moment as if it were yesterday♡
Now...10 years is a celebration of my girl as well as me being a mom. In our's mother/daughter day.
Motherhood was transformative for me...maybe because I turned 40 and gave birth in the same month and there was an alchemical change at hand. Or perhaps it would have been that way no matter what age I was.  Either way...I am profoundly grateful. Motherhood is a river that carries me to the deepest parts of myself. Fierce + tender both. I am so proud of my family, of my hubby + my girl. I treasure it all♡
Happy mama's day! #tarasophia #mygirl #soulmedicine #grateful #memorylane