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The cider, fruity flavor of “Apna drink” Sosyo will leave you refreshed with every sip. Enjoy the Desi Journey of refreshment. "Apna Desh Apna Drink"

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Sosyo invites you to spend a evening full of laughter and giggles with the one and only Amit Tandon on 16th December at 9:15 p.m.! Tickets available on Book My Show! Book now! 
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Try our citrusy drinks to feel rejuvenated like never before. Drink Lemee Lemon and Lemee
Orange and soothe your senses! Get them now!
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Tease your taste buds with some refreshing Kashmira Jeera Masala Soda! Kashmira is a tastier drink to finish any tasty meal! Get sipping now!
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Can you guess the number of oranges in the picture shown below? Comment with your answers below & get sipping on some tangy Lemee Orange!
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A sip of Kashmira can leave you awe-struck & pleading for more! Indulge in this spicy madness & relish the flavour sip by sip! Made for your guilty pleasure! Stock up now!
Opener Spicy Cola is your favourite movie companion! Add a spicy twist to any movie with Opener and relish the flavour sip by sip! Get one now!
Enter a refreshing world with 2 delectable Lemee flavours- Lemee Lemon and Lemee Orange. Take a sip and feel the flavour soothe your senses! De-stress with Lemee now!
Sosyo wishes you a Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New Year! Let’s welcome the festival of lights with rangoli, sweets and of course lots of Sosyo! Let the celebrations begin!
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Let’s celebrate Navratri with grand fervour and get practising with our Garba moves! Grab those Dandiya sticks and get grooving with Sosyo!
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Carry a bottle of S’eau water with you at all times and keep yourself hydrated and feeling refreshed! Get S’eau to quench your thirst right away!

Sosyo wishes everyone a Happy Eid ul-Adha and hope that you are blessed with abundant joy and prosperity on this occasion! Gorge on delicious food and have a feast with Sosyo!
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Experience the fruity flavour of apple and grape fused together in a power packed bottle of Sosyo! Treat yourself with this fruity delight and please your taste buds! Get one now!