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The cider, fruity flavor of “Apna drink” Sosyo will leave you refreshed with every sip. Enjoy the Desi Journey of refreshment. "Apna Desh Apna Drink"

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Sosyo is one of the oldest and original Indian drink with a mixed cedar type fruity flavor comprising f apple and grape cocktail.
Can you guess the number of oranges in the picture shown below? Comment with your answers below & get sipping on some tangy Lemee Orange!
Packed with power, our premium quality soda by hajoori is a must for every Party night.
Sosyo wishes all wonderful women a Happy Women’s Day!
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Authentic and distinctive taste with numerous variety. #opener
Lemee lemon drink has an authentic taste off lemon and is available in different packages.
Sosyo wishes everyone a Happy Holi!
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Anytime anywhere, never feel shy to sip a Sosyo.
S’eau fresh mineral water by hajoori to quench your thirst and rejuvenate your body.
A strong hint of ginger combined with authentic lemon taste in our Ginlim drinks.
Check out our opener series of refreshment drinks, now available in 7 exciting flavours.
Sosyo is the oldest fizzy drink in India, made with the mixture of apple cidar and grape.