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Living a surrendered life doesn’t mean that you completely lose who you are as a person. You can still have fun, a personality, interest, yet you uphold certain standards . Yes, your life should bear the right fruit. However, it’s important to be you while still living a life for Christ. He didn’t us create all to be a cookie cut version of each other, so embrace who YOU are. #dassit Itching to write about this on the blog. Stay tuned ❤️.
Soooo tired of the gloomy days in NYC. Can’t wait for some more sun! So instead, to fight the funk, I decided to bring Spring to me 🤷🏾‍♀️.
#GodsGirlsBrunch #BRUNCHINGwithPURPOSE- 💕 3 months back I had the desire to start a monthly brunch to bring women together to study the word, encourage one another, and have transparent conversations. So happy that’s it’s finally happening.Every month will be a different focus. Thank you for everyone that showed interest when I first mentioned this on YouTube & Facebook. I prayed about this and despite the fear, God is going to be God. He is faithful! Can’t wait 🤗👌🏾. For more information, link in Bio!
#feelingcreative Happy Tuesday! A while back I posted a eyeshadow look and a lot of you were asking me how I created it. I used the #jaclynhill x @morphepalette. I have a tutorial up for the eye makeup for that same look now. Hope you all enjoy and thank you for watching ❤️.
#NewBlogPost ✨
“Your Worth IS NOT Productivity!”(via SoulStyleBeauty.com)
With spare minutes I have here and there throughout the day I unconsciously reach for my phone and scroll. If it’s not Instagram, it’s Facebook with the notorious “hustle sermon”. If you’re not working on a side hustle, what exactly are you doing? If you’re not staying up during the wee hours of the night working on your dream job, you’re not going hard enough! Every task must be checked off of your to-do list! 
Whelp for me, I’ve learned to settle with some non-checked boxes on my to-do list…and that’s okay!

Millennials and the Pursuit of Perfection

According to Fortune.com, “a new study by American Psychological Association (APA) researchers suggests that society has been increasingly pursuing perfectionism over the last three decades, driven by the millennial generation (the largest generation in the United States, generally thought of as people born between mid-1980s to the early 2000s, though there’s some debate on the exact start and end points)”. As a Millennial myself, it’s hard not to say that a lot of us crave the multi-faceted modern day success. We’re not settling like our parents once did, we want to earn a great living, we demand more than what we qualify for, and most importantly everyone needs to know about the process!
“Is there really a such thing as balance? To me, everything may not be checked off of your to-do list and that’s okay.” Working on an upcoming lifestyle post ✨.
#brunchvibes Coffee always...Always ☕️
Yaaaas @christinecaine ❤️. #beencouraged #night 😘
Every second, minute and hour is a testament to Gods grace, but its those moments when I'm literally trying to stay afloat that really shows that God is active in every part of my life. Truthfully cannot wait until the balance gets a tad bit easier, but I know that through it all He sustains me. No formula of how I balance it all. Just Gods grace ✨.
#HappySunday ❤️. So I definitely think I have a favorite drugstore foundation 😍! Loving (!) the new @maybelline #superstayfoundation! Bomb.com. There will be a video on my YT soon.
Happy Wednesday ❤️✨! Besides this being beautiful room inspo , I really need a day like this. A day lost in my content and relaxation ❤️. #prettythings
God proved to me that my prayers do not fall on deaf ears. He hears. He is working. ❤️ #intercession #totalsurrender