Lil Boat 2. Coming soon 笵オク
Happy 30th, @badgalriri 沁
Went to the show sittin in the front row #LFW @skeptagram
Eat your heart out. @uglygod
Somewhere in Aspen 泓サ @diplo
Roses be red, violets be blue...@ddlovato, @comethazine wants you 泱、
Pretty on fleek 汳 #GalentinesDay
I just Love Music 沒夸洟橇沛ス @famousdex
"It's obvious hip-hop and rap have come to dominate modern pop culture, not just here but all over the world. I remember a short-lived fad where kids were ripping songs, old soul and disco songs I was raised on, and throwing a hip-hop drum loop on top or a 4x4 kick and the people being exposed are thinking this is some brand new thing...there is no art in repackaging, same as what Elvis did to Black Soul music and rock and roll...but there is art in reinventing." - GEOTHEORY (@vangeogh) [click link in bio to read more] 笆ェク This Black History Month we're celebrating emerging black artists who are redefining boundaries and challenging underrepresentation in their scenes. Join us as we spotlight a new influential creator each week. #SayItLoud
New week, new rules 笨ィ @dualipa
When you're playin Fortnite and fire up that SoundCloud app 沐・ @gullyguyleo