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Whole person (holistic) resources for inner healing & mental health.
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#repost @cerebralpalsycenter ・・・ Make your time matter!
Make your heart 
Students on holiday.
Teachers on holiday.
Workers on annual leave.

Those in between jobs....while you wait for that dream job.

Your time could be channelled to something rewarding.

Volunteering......makes you an instrument of change. .........................widens your horizon as you are exposed to different kinds of situations and environments.


Please send an email to info@cpcenter.com.ng to let us know the area in which you would like to support us. 
You may visit us at 37B, Bode Thomas Street, Surulere- Lagos or call Nonye on 08033482792
Mural & Music ❤🎨 🎶 had such a great time today at the commissioning of the new murals at the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service Centre #mentalhealth #artsinmedicine #artandhealth
Totally in love with the new mural's at the child and adolescent mental health service centre in Oshodi!! @artsinmedicinefellowship 🎨  #mentalhealth #artandhealth
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Are you a survivor of rape or sexual violence?
Do you need a safe space to talk and share experiences?
Then join our group therapy sessions by clicking the link in our bio!☝🏾 If you live outside Lagos and would like to join the sessions online, Please add us on skype - WARIF NIgeria

One on one counselling sessions are also available at the WARIF Centre - 6, Turton Street, Off Thorburn Avenue, Yaba (behind Ozone Cinemas) and also via our 24 hour confidential helpline 08092100008 
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#Repost @ndidi.health Applications for pro-bono sessions for May are being accepted. These probono sessions are for TEENAGERS. ・・・ Teenagers residing in Lagos who are struggling with coping with life, understanding self, dealing with trauma etc. If you are a teenager, do not hesitate to apply or to refer a friend to apply. Parents let your kids come out for therapy. 
Thanks to the suggestion of a dear colleague and friend rather than offer single private therapy sessions, pro-bono sessions will now be carried out as closed group sessions so that more people can be helped. 
I look forward to getting to know you. 
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Artist Annie Ruth shared her personal story about the power of art to heal at week 10 of @artsinmedicineproject @artsinmedicinefellowship #powertoheal #artsinmedicine
📣New Podcasts out today🎙📢 Episode 2: *Living holistically in Lagos*.💆🏾🧘🏾‍♀ We live such busy lives in a busy city like Lagos. Research shows that chronic diease is rooted in our lifestyle. Join Oyin of @bodyworksnigeria and Oyinda of @soundmindafrica as they share how they find and keep their balance in a busy city like Lagos .

How do you find your balance? Share with us.

The SoundCloud link is in the bio.👆🏽 Dont forget to like, subcribe and share after you listen😊 #holistichealth #wholistichealth #soundminfafrica @trulivingwellness
Check out our sister company @liferithms
We can all use a little help in making better lifestyle choices daily and it’s our day to day choices that determine the outcome of our life.
We are working hard on this moonshot project because we understand that your DECISIONS determines your DIRECTION. And the world will be a better place when its citizens, begin to make better choices in all areas of life.
You can read more about this project via our website. Link in @liferithms’ bio. Follow us for more details on how we are using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning + Life data to build Life Intelligence to change the world
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Such a great time at the @artsinmedicinefellowship @artsinmediceproject week 10. Thanks to our special guest Annie Ruth #artsinmedicine #spokenword #performanceart #wholistichealth
Basically this!!!! @ndidi.health ・・・
I got a nice tan from walking under the sun on my way to the Youth BBQ party organised by @ukinnigeria. 
Self love moment, especially as I hardly get to see them from this angle, my locs are sick!

We were asked to write about what frustrates us, and I wrote my words: "Deal with your childhood trauma before you decide to get married or have children. Get a therapist"

At this same event, I was asked by another guest what was the common problem that Nigerians came to me for help with, and a year ago, I would have said depression. This year, it is deep painful childhood trauma experienced because of parent(s) that were unable to deal with their own trauma in a healthy fashion or even at all, physical abuse, verbal abuse, emotional neglect and sexual abuse.

Hurt people hurt people. 
Hurt people become hurt parents.
Hurt parents hurt kids.
Hurt kids become hurt people. 
Hurt people hurt people. 
Hurt people become hurt parents.
Hurt parents hurt kids.

This is my definition of generational curses. 
The pain you experienced as a child has created within you a ball of pain that consciously and unconsciously motivates some of your unhelpful behaviour patterns, creates inconsistencies in your relationship and causes you deep pain. 
Healing is required. 
Before you decide to spend the rest of your life with your lover or a child, you owe it to yourself, the other person, and the desire for a healthy, functioning relationship to confront that ball of pain. Confronting it with the aim of understanding why it exists, how to transform it and manage it so you dint transmit it.

Get a good therapist. 
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Happy New Month! It’s Active April @actionhappiness #newmonth #active #energy #movementforhealth #actionforhappiness
Hello Abuja !!!!! Its another opportunity to join us in transforming the healthcare delivery space in Africa with your creativity on our upcoming project.
Experiences and feedback from our work is evidence that the display of visual art, especially images of nature, can have positive effects on health outcomes, including shorter length of stay in hospital, increased pain tolerance and decreased anxiety. 
We seek creative artists, musicians, poets, occupational therapists, writers and other creative individuals to join our vibrant team as we provide arts-related workshops and creative engagement for patients, their caregivers, and staff in our various creative outlets(medical facilities). Such creative engagements include fine arts workshops, theatre performances, music and group art activities. No artistic experience is necessary for participants. 
Our targets are children in Pediatric wards, Young Adults with mental illness, Cancer, Alzheimer’s and other Chronic Illnesses in selected hospitals and healthcare centers in Africa. 
Do you have a passion and empathy for children ? Are you creative and innovative ? Do you possess good interpersonal skills ? Are you able to devote a few hours to this project weekly ?
Send your CV and motivation letter clearly stating your skills, and with email subject “Volunteer AIM Abuja” to info@artsinmedicineprojects.org the deadline for submission is the 30th April 2019. 
Follow us on social media for more updates: 
Instagram @artsinmedicineproject
Twitter @AIMprojectng

For enquires contact 08062109456, 09096638078 #artsinmedicine #abuja