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When you try to pitch around someone but don’t do a good enough job. Is that the slowest #homerun trot you have ever seen?
#strikeforce keeps pouring it on
#strikeforce keeps the hits coming
#Strikeforce can flat out hit. This team can get on base. If they can tighten up the defense. This team can be very good
Strike Force is within “striking” distance with 4 games to go. If they can win all 4 they can sneak into the playoffs
Great diving play in #ultimate then the presence of mind to pass and get open again for the #touchdown
#ultimate is a game of speed and finesse.  You have to chase the frisbee. The game will show your actual fitness level.  #saufl #southasianfrisbee #safl? #playultimate
#ultimatefrisbee isn’t only about offense. The best field position is obtained off of a good defensive play.  Join the #southasian #frisbee movement. League starting soon. Games going on weekly.  Invitation only
The right way to breakup a double play #sasl #sasl2018 give yourself up or slide.
Reason number 9 to not skip leg day #legday #sasl #softball #southasian
Gapper drove in two
#hitsquad attack the defense make them make a play