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For years, I've been taking notes on my journey from flakey bakery employee to MFA food writer to food media PhD, and I'm collecting them here now! 🐖

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A British friend told me the American name for courgette sounded like a circus high wire act. "Ladies and gentlemen, behold ... The Great Zucchini!" Meanwhile, auburgines are eggplants. I was disppointed, another time in South Africa, to think I'd discovered pawpaws far from home only to realize that's what they call a papaya, and of course: pawpaws are hard to find in their native North America.

Welcome London vibes, root vegetable vibes. I don't know a bit of Cockney rhyming slang, but I did walk to Broadway Market and find black carrots. They have 28 times the anthocyanin of their orange cousins, and treat rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, and Alzheimer's disease. I'm uncertain about the difference between a black and a purple carrot, or if they are one in the same. A rose is a rose by any other name, so just eat your vegetables.
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No words.
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Food in the Medina of Fez is central to market life, and layered. For every alley that dead ended, there was a food I'd never seen. Many of my photos captured flavors and faces of everyday rituals only analogous to my own. Everything, it seemed, would require a lesson. Then sometimes the fruit guy just looked like the fruit guy, and I felt a mile less lost.
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🥜 These waferballs from a #barcelona food shop were lighter than any US equivalent would be, not too sweet, with a funny texture and a gross filmy shea butter aftertaste that made you want more than one but never more than three at a time, so it took half a week to kill a dozen. Their flavor was more peanut than peanut butter while still being a cream, if you know what I mean.

We're you expecting a more profound observation? This is #candyofinstagram not #michelin literature, but I can tell you that to recall them means to recall the guest room squeezed in a corner building of #lasramblas with a thin window overlooking a cafe that, curtains closed, would not silence the happy people below, the ones who knew each other and spent money on food out. Sweet things are like company. We can live without them, but they speak to our senses and wake us up for the moment we bring ourselves in earnest to meet them.
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This spring, a chance #London encounter with @britishbakeoff got me fixed on classic British recipes like the Victoria sponge, and this summer in #galway duck eggs were readily available at the farmers market. Duck eggs yield a fluffier bake than chicken eggs because of their higher protien content, but I don't see them in markets of the American South. When I do see them again, I now have a 60mm personal best to beat from my Galway bake!
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Take-me-back-to-Ballymaloe ... A late summer foraging workshop with @darina_allen yielded this sugared petal dream at the of our day, and even as I'm waiting on luggage in Atlanta where hallmarks of home burst through the airport gate after six months in as many countries, I'm remembering there's no where in the world like @ballymaloecookeryschool and @ballymaloe_house ... You know it when you go. I poured through a family scrapbook and stayed in the carriage house where the linens told me this place is the good kind of old. Their matriarch #myrtleallen died this summer weeks before I visited, but it was her granddaughter studying hospitality and working at their hotel that gave me a lift to Cork at week's end, and just this week chefs from around the world gathered at @foodontheedge to learn about the honorary @michelinguide starred chef, and one gets the feeling one just passed the periphery, both of place and time, of something special.
Platter, please.
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