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Choi!!!! I had to look at the label to find out what this really is. Imagine my surprise when I read 'body butter'. How @satinandskin made this, I don't know but I know I'm awed and really loving this. 
Have you made your body butter yet? Remember versatility and imagination is the key. 
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Do you know that these two products from @glytoneusa can be used to create awesome formulations that would leave your clients asking for more? The exfoliating strength of these products is enough to solve your skincare issues. The body wash is simply too good..This product is one important staple in some of my recent formulations and classes. This would be discussed in today's class. Have you registered? Classes begin in two hours time.
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Congratulations to @tkays_collection for the completion of the one month online class in advanced skincare formulation. Her project before awarding of this certificate was to make a cold process soap which she did and it came out popping.Sucess to your craft, Tjay...Ibadan get ready
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Review time!! Everytime I teach...I wait for that 'wow'
 Over the years, I have had both positive and negative feedbacks from both my classes/formulations and I really appreciate everything because they made my craft better. The positive feedbacks are awesome as most times,I don't even ask.From those who visit my blogs to students and clients alike. Some have become friends,some have brands bigger than mine and are successful in their craft....Their success story is also my success story and they really wow me with their craft..The negative feedbacks really helped as well. I have had issues with some but their criticisms pushed me forward and made do better. I am looking forward to starting another success story with someone. Let's create your brand together and watch it soar...All for just 8,500...Registration link on bio...And yes,permit me to show you formulations from past students, today...I would not showcase brands except they permit me...Happy Weekend...
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Happy Weekend Instafam....Week has been busy like kilode. Gearing up towards next week classes..Can't wait💃💃💃(But wait! have you registered? 5 more slots remaining!!!) Thank you to everyone who registered...I am so grateful. I promise to make it worth your while. To show my appreciation...Enjoy

This week,I have been using whitening glycerine in most of my formulations. Do you know you can add it to your scrub as it has excellent moisturizing and anti aging properties. It also cures acne-this was tested and confirmed..I had some pimples on my face and since I didn't want to pop it, I mixed little with cinnamon and garlic essential oil and 2 days later, I have my pimples free skin back😁 ..At least, I can flaunt my face when I go back to Lagos😁😁😁 This one is coming from the aproko chronicles..Got this from a skincare guru. The guy really knows his onions in the game. He said and I quote 'to maintain  flawless knuckles.simply mix a tbsp of whitening glycerine and any AHA serum. You are to do this after cleansing or peeling your knuckles with any peeling oil. It maintains your knuckles colour and prevents it from redarkenining. That means no more reason to have fingers like roasted plantains'....I just smiled...It works o...It really does

There you have it...For more of tori like this,register for the class...use the link on bio to pay...It is just 8,500...Learn your way into the flawless gang...Step up your brand in 2019. Stop using outdated recipes..It's time for some revamping...Registration ends on Monday 12pm...
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Happy Wednesday,Instafam.

Wednesdays are for tutorials- Today, I would be delving into cleansers..Instead of the normal everyday liquid cleansers, I would be teaching cleansing cream.

One secret of making a popping brand is making unique out of the norm formulations. Give people something to ponder about.Don't do normal. Instead of cleansers, create cleansing creams, masks or facial wash.Explore..The territory is large.. I love this cleansing cream because it is moisturizing and is an all-rounder. I got this from one of my ebooks and is a normal fixture in my routine..@saltedrockbathco makes an amazing cleansing cream as seen above. Now,let's talk tutorial:

Skin Rescue Cleansing Cream
½ ounce cocoa butter 
½ ounce olive oil
4 teaspoons non-GMO soybean wax 
2 teaspoons vegetable glycerin 
1 drop chamomile essential oil 
1 drop clove essential oil
1 drop eucalyptus essential oil 
1 drop tea tree oil

1. Melt the cocoa butter, olive oil, and soybean wax using the double-boiler method described previously. Whisk until the mass becomes uniform without lumps.
2. Add the glycerin and whisk the mixture until it thickens.
3. Add essential oils and set aside to cool.
4. Pour into a glass jar. You can store this balm in the fridge for up to one month. If you want to prolong the shelf life, add contents of one capsule of vitamin C to the balm while it’s still hot.Enjoy!!! Have you registered for the online certified classes? Whatta you waiting for.It's going down in 5 days time.Registration closes at 12pm on Monday next week. 15% discount still ongoing.Have a great day everyone....
I am in love....It's a shea butter something from @randrluxury. Do you know that Shea butter is being sourced from different locations and have distinct properties. I know of the Ghanaian and Senegalese Shea Butter. I haven't really used the one from Ghana but the Senegalese Shea is pretty awesome. The texture and color is pretty different from the local  Shea Butter and it doesn't smell💃 or have the Shea butter smell.... Some people say Shea Butter darkens the skin..I can't say much about that as it really varies across skin types.I know that it tones and repairs bleached skin, tho and it is a good skin conditioner. I use it in my soap these days...The only thing that bothers me is that my soap solidifies as a result of the Shea Butter...I  preferred a semi solid texture 😢
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One of the questions clients are quick to ask formulators are 'I hope your products do not contain hydroquinone o'..Hmm. Today, I was looking for a good serum to use for my formulations this weekend and I came across one with very good reviews but when I proceeded to check the content, I didn't see hydroquinone but... I saw hydrophenol which is another name for it. Ironically, big skincare brands use it in formulating some of their products which are very popular and the results are usually nice. I asked a friend of mine who do not mind using it and here are some of the things I learnt from her.

Hydroquine when used in little doses such as 1.9-2% is not harmful. It is actually good for controlling melasma and uneven complexion

If you do not mind using it, use the following methods-Do not use for more than 3 months. When you've attained your desired complexion, switch to natural lightening products to maintain it,

Use  sunscreen when stepping out

Do NOT use with products containing resorcinol.When you combine both, you get the dark blotches and coke/fanta issues.

You can use with any product containing AHAS such as lactic and glycolic acid as they help in allowing it penetrate the skin faster.

Contrary to what people think, it is not quick action as it doesn't break down existing pigment - it works by preventing new melanin from forming. So results will only be seen after the existing darkened skin cells naturally shed and are replaced by the new, melanin-reduced skin cells. .

Gist plenty sha...I opt for other methods which I would be teaching in the online classes slated for next week. Slots are getting filled up.Classes are open to everyone world-wide.Payment page and full course outline link on bio👆...You don't wanna miss this, trust me...
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Since we are talking about achievements😀...One of them is working on course outlines and classes. Most of them were voluntary trainings with girls and women,some of whom have started their own businesses and trade.. I have been working with Hone Your Craft studios,a small scale NGO that has been assisting me with certification and other little stuff. Once again,I am collaborating with them on  this training. All course outlines have been duly revised and updated(spent more than 6 months on them) and can't wait to share them with 20 persons. 
Only 20 slots are open for this training and there would be no subsequent batches. Training is for 8 days and market survey for 3 days.( Yes,I am willing to take participants to where I source my quality materials from)-at incredible wholesale rates.

First 10 persons pay 8500, instead of 10,000 Naira. All participants get  a free lecture on how to establish their own brands without spending a dime. Payment link on bio. Please tag someone who needs this training. You might be giving someone a generous gift by enrolling him/her for this class.

More special offers coming soon,keep your eyes on this page..
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Happy New Month to everyone in da house. December has come o and 2018 is gradually coming to an end. 
A friend of mine asked me some days ago.' Sophie,what have you accomplished in the past six months'? I just smiled and told her, ' I don't have to list my accomplishments to you'. I refused to feel like I haven't accomplished anything or compare her achievements to mine. Sometimes,people can make you feel like a failure by their words.You get confused, depressed and have these thoughts of taking the easy way out to survive and meet up. 
I still find myself occasionally in such state. I get depressed and cry my eyes out. But then, the only thing I find myself doing is praying to God for help cos he is the only one I have, apart from mum and sis who can help. Surprisingly, he has always helped every time. When it feels like I am drowning, the next day or week, God sends someone to lift me up. I feel amazed, anytime I think of everything I have been through and how I have managed to overcome every situation. If you're in that state, you don't need to feel depressed or allow anyone make you lose your self esteem. As long as there is life, there is hope. You just have to be steadfast, be prayerful,determined and work hard. One day, all your hard work would pay off.I believe so.
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Where are all those people calling me 'the perfect liker'..🤓😁😁...Tell me you don't like this...I stumbled on a review one of @ewami_essentials by @mindofamaka (btw, if you're looking for a good photographer for your products, please try her,she's gooodddd. One day,I would pack my products and move to Abuja,so that she can give me some of those her perfect shots)...As I was saying,I visted @ewaminaturals page and the reviews of their black soap were amazing. If you're a blacksoap fan and you're looking for a brand to use,they might probably be your last bus stop...Thank me later with a box of candies😀😀😀
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What's your greatest challenge and fear when formulating skincare products. Mine-Age spots,stretchmarks, dark knuckles. I got this message yesterday and I became worried as well cos I know how she was feeling.

Sometimes,you get perplexed when the complaints come, you get confused. What are others doing that you ain't doing right? The organic formulators usually gets less of these complaints because they don't deal with serums or gels which are usually the problems. Some serums contain hydroquinone but do not state it. 
Over the years, I have learnt that keeping up with skincare trends helps a lot.New products are being released everyday. Better products keep popping up. If you still rely on what you learnt 3 years ago,then it is time to update your game. 
Some of the few things I have learnt so far to prevent reactions include:  If you use a good base cream, then you wouldn't have to add james and john into it. 
Another thing I have learnt though is that one should use always organic and natural products to any formulation. They help in controlling adverse effects, toning the skin, preventing reactions or stretchmarks and help make the skin glow.More on blog..
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