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We have heard great things about the @totalsports_sa women's run that happened yesterday. 🔥💪 Well done to everyone who participated, and to @pinkdrive and @totalsports_sa for a successful event. 
Music: Humble by @kendricklamar 
Cinematographer: @tomwillows_mash and @dadecsta 
Influencer: @bakedonline 
Camera: @sony a7s & @panasonicgh5 
Drone: @djiglobal mavic pro
Buying new shoes won't make you a better runner, but running in them will. These are our wise words of motivation for the day. This is a picture of @bakedonline running. 
PS. Video to follow soon.
That golden hour with the lovely @bakedonline ☀️
B.T.S with Yoza and Katt Daddy aka Kanye West. 
These two are the greatest; watch the full video in the link of our bio. Voting is open until tomorrow!! 🍦
A snap of the "school bathroom" in our recent short film called "Bar Fly"🐝🍻 WE'RE FINALISTS FOR THE COMEDY GENRE IN THE RODE REEL COMPETITION!!!! Link in bio to see this piece of work, and also to vote for us 😃 
Have a lekker weekend people!
A creative piece we did for the My Rode Reel Competition. shot a lot to all those involved in this no budget short film...y'all are the bomb-diggidy. Head over to our Facebook page to see the full video. 
VOTE FOR US!!! ~ Link in Bio.
STOP SCROLLING!! @glenbidermanpam
Oh but it seemed so real... beautiful moments on set with @glenbidermanpam and the lovely @donna_cor 🌹
Social media has never been more terrifying. Stay tuned to learn about the adventures and misfortunes in the life of the @glenbidermanpam ..
Our @lily.label swim suit shoot  with the lovely @that_fran and @andreamaryw 
ch ch ch check it ouuutttt! 
cinematographer: @luckynelson
editor: @tomwillows_mash
colourist: @dadecsta 
creative director: @colleen_yarrum
design: @aylajadeayla
Another snap at the Lily shoot from @aylajadeayla on film. Video featuring the loveliest of lovely talent, komodo dragons, orange juice and so many roses 🌹
This is a sneak peak at the fashion video we created for Lily swimwear. We were lucky enough to shoot in beautiful conditions 🌿🌹🌞 Photo on film by: @aylajadeayla