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Purple and pink for this cutie. Her joy was a delight. Thanks for stopping by the Spinergy HQ! #wcmxgirl
The PBO spoke. What makes Spinergy wheels the #1 performance wheelchair wheel in the industry. 1/3 the weight and 2x the strength of steel spokes.
@aaronwheelz lands the flair
Well this just happened... I honestly felt like this trick was impossible for years. Just this week I destroyed 4 wheels, 6 caster bolts and annihilated my suspension trying to land a flair but today was the freakin’ day. Thanks @yng.bmx for helping me get the speed to make this happen and a huge thanks to @box_wheelchairs @schwalbetires @spinergywheels for supporting me through this process👊🏻🙏🏻 #ChairFlair #WCMX #sendit #flair #actionsports #spinabifida
Congrats to these pioneers in the budding sport of #adaptivesurfing! #Repost @alanathejane
Meet the 2018 US Para-surfing Team! 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 .
After yesterday’s #adaptivesurfing nationals each athlete that won their division is given the opportunity to represent at the International Surfing Associations World Adaptive Surfing Championship event December 12-16th!
Thanks to STANCE and the ISA this event is growing exponentially each year:
2015: 69 athletes competing from 18 countries
2016: 77 athletes from 22 countries
2017: 109 athletes from 26 countries and the first EVER women’s Waveski division!
Stoked to have the world convene again in La Jolla, California to continue moving adaptive surfing forward!
@stancesocks @isasurfing @usasurfing @cafoundation #worldadaptivesurfingchampionship #usa #usasurfing #isaworlds #inspiredsurfers @toyotausa #letsgoplaces #goingforgold .
Follow #teamUSA: @quinn_cess @ryan_gambrell @insta_otter @jessebillauer Jeff Munson @dani.burt
You have GOT to follow this guy and his new feature called “what music we are bumping while we are training.” 😂👍👍🎧🎧 @aaronphippsgbwr
Today on 'what music we are bumping while we are training'

Congo Natty and Get Ready https://youtu.be/mK3E2eSn7pQ

I lost myself in the music and the selfie stick fell out of my chair. 
@congonatty_official #Jungle #drumandbass @andrew.bailey.186590  @ionaudio @proformancetraining #trainingmusicwearebumpingtotoday #trainingmusic #biginthegame #wheelchairrugby #wheelchair #amputee #interval #hiit #instagood #me #sport #follow #fun #workout #fit #motivation #gym #fit #life #music #party #love #vibes

SPECIAL OFFER. Limited quantity. We are selling several demo ZX-1 Power Add-On’s for $3000 each (Retail is $9995.) These demo units were used for display at trade shows and are like new with less than 2 hours of use time and a full warranty. Offer only available direct through manufacturer, Spinergy. Not billable to insurance. Please call Spinergy 760-496-2121 or email tod@spinergy.com for details. Click the hashtag for more media ➡️ #SpinergyZX1
#Repost @macdonaldshhc
Have you seen the new @spinergywheels #bladelxl wheels?!? #Lightweight #sleek and #stylish @motioncomposites @schwalbetires #spinergy #apex #mcapex #schwalbe #macdonaldshhc
We always enjoy seeing what our customers use the #SpinergyZX1 for. Easy on/off add-on for manual wheelchairs. From @cross_family_adventures
Daddy on school drop off duty today so that mummy can stay in her pajamas a little longer 😁 I might even be able to finish my coffee while it is still hot... who am I kidding, the toddler is still here 🤦🏼‍♀️ #wheellife #wheelingthroughlife #livingwithsci #spinalcordinjury #tilite #zx-1 #spinergy #spinergyzx1 #spinergywheels #crossfamilyadventures
There were so many fantastic photos tagging us recently, that we just have to share a few of those portraits. You are all incredible people, our community is incredible, and thank you for being part of the Spinergy fam.
#SpinergyZX1 promotion through @bikeondotcom @quad_elite51
Spinergy ZX-1 Great add on. Power on demand. Some wet hills at the zoo the @spinergywheels zx1 easily powered me through the entire day, best part that makes it hands down best power assist unit for quads/tetras is it brakes on downhills
email me John@bike-on.com with any questions
Whether you’re playing for a team or rooting for a team, Team Colors by Spinergy are a thing now. Check it out on our website. Link in bio. Team Discounts, too. #spinergywheels #wheelchairbasketball #wheelchairtennis #wheelchairrugby #wcmx #wheelchairracing #handcycling #wheelchairoffroad
Our beautiful friend inside and out. Rocking her #SpinergyZX1. @therealangelarockwood
"Remember that you Create your OWN world. It's not what happens to you, but how you choose to deal with it!"
★ ....This quote resonates very strong for me, especially ever since I woke up in that hospital bed after my accident. I couldn't feel or move ANYTHING from the neck down but the funny thing was as I looked around the ceiling studying it with familiarity there was a calmness that came over my being, Geeezzz I was just Happy to be Alive!!! I did know instantly it was for a REASON and there was this "little voice" that spoke to me from within and I received this glimpse of a VISION of what was going to entail on my new paralyzed journey that I was going to MANIFEST for myself. NOW, little did I know I was going to be put inside a "specific little box" because I was "classified" as a Quadriplegic and have "limitations" placed upon me of what I could or could not do by the folks around me. HA...boy were my doctors & therapist in for a surprise because I went against EVERYTHING they said. From taking the morphine, to all the pain or nerve medication, to staying in a Power chair, to only wearing FLAT shoes...down to what body parts I'd be able to move or even feel...pffft the list can go on. The bottom line, No matter what predicament you are faced with in your life... whatever catastrophic event, understand deep down inside YOU have the power to make a decision, a POSITIVE one for yourself & to create YOUR VISION of how you are going to handle the situation you are in regardless because with Patience, Perseverance & the Belief You CAN get through ANYTHING! Ha just keep Raising the Bar for Yourself! Be a Queen with a little Savage or a King in Beastmode!
____ #LetNothingStopYOU 😂😉
_____________________________ 📸 @hesly_wanthipa